Policies at The Michener Institute are guiding principles that address the various existing organizational processes.

The policies found here outline the requirements and processes expected of students, staff and faculty in relation to the ongoing activities at Michener. Michener honours the rights of its employees, students, volunteers, and guests and expects in turn, for them to observe Michener rules, regulations and policies essential to its orderly operation.

Michener Community Rights and Responsibilities


Policy Number Policy Name
AC-REG-POL-001 Academic and Non-Academic Appeal Policy
AC-REG-PRO-001 Academic and Non-Academic Appeal Procedure
AC-REG-POLPRO-002 Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure
AC-REG-POL-003* Academic Standing Policy
AC-REG-PRO-003* Academic Standing Procedure
AC-REG-POL-039 Access to Official Student Records Policy
AC-SSN-POL-006 Accessibility & Accommodation Policy
AC-REG-POL-040 Admission Policy
AC-REG-POLPRO-005 Attendance Policy and Procedure
AC-REG-POL-004** Borderline Grades Policy
AC-REG-POL-042 Course Audit Policy
AC-CLIS-POL-009* Course Management Policy
AC-CLIS-PRO-009 Course Outline Procedure
AC-REG-POL-010 Examination Invigilation Policy
AC-LRC-POL-034 Fair Dealing Policy on the Use of Copyright-Protected Works
AC-LRC- PRO-034 Fair Dealing Procedure on the Use of Copyright-Protected Works
AC-REG-POLPRO-012 Grading Policy and Procedure
AC-REG-POL-036* Graduation Policy
AC-REG-POL-038* International Student Admissions Policy
AC-REG-POLPRO-016* Leave of Absence Policy and Procedure
AC-REG-POLPRO-018 Lost or Missing Assessments Policy and Procedure
AC-REG-POL-015* Missed Compulsory Evaluations Policy
AC-POLPRO-031 Offsite Examination and Invigilation Policy and Procedure
AC-REG-POL-035 Privacy Policy
AC-CAQ-POL-044 Quality Assurance and Formal Program Review Policy – NEW
AC-CAQ-PRO-044 Quality Assurance and Formal Program Review Procedure – NEW
AC-CAQ-PRO-045 Quality Assurance Review Core Elements and Process – NEW
AC-SSN-POL-007 Religious or Spiritual Observance Policy
AC-REG-PRO-033* Seat Purchase Procedure
HR-13 Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy
CP-200-008 Social Media Policy
AC-REG-POL-021 Student Readmission Policy
AC-REG-PRO-021 Student Readmission Procedure
AC-REG-POL-024 Transcript Policy
AC-REG-POLPRO-025* Transfer Credit Policy and Procedure
AC-REG-POL-043 Tuition and Ancillary Fees Policy
AC-REG-POL-041 Upholding Free Speech Policy
AC-REG-POLPRO-022 Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy and Procedure
AC-TOR-029 Academic Approval Council (AAC)
AC-TOR-030 Faculty Liaison Committee (FLC)
AC-TOR-046 Formal Program Review (FPR) – NEW
AC-TOR-037 Honorary Diploma Committee (HDC)
AC-TOR-027* Program Advisory Council (PAC)
AC-TOR-028* Promotions Review Committee (PRC)
* Academic Service Standards

*reviewed and revised for 2020-2021
**reviewed, no revisions required, for 2020-2021

Applied Educational Research

For information on policy and process related to research ethics, please visit AER Research Ethics

Policy Number Policy Name
AC-AER-030 DRST Review
AC-AER-031 DRST Submission Requirements and Administration


Policy Number Policy Name
FAC-POL_001 Space Management
Video Surveillance
Parking Policy
Key Control Policy
Emergency Response Plan

Student Success Network

Policy Number Policy Name
AC-SSN-POL-006 Accessibility & Accommodation Policy
AC-SSN-POL-004 Mask/Respirator Fit Policy
AC-SSN-POL-007 Religious or Spiritual Observance Policy
HR-13 Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy
CP-200-08 Social Media Policy
AC-SSN-POLPRO-003 Student Communicable Disease Policy and Procedure
AC-SSN-POL-002** Student Health and Vulnerable Sector Check Policy
AC-SSN-POL-001 Student Incident Reporting Policy
AC-SSN-PRO-005 Student Incident Reporting Procedure

*reviewed and revised for 2020-2021
**reviewed, no revisions required, for 2020-2021