Borderline Grades Policy

Borderline Grades Policy
Approval DateJune 26, 2020
Effective DateSeptember 8, 2020

Organizational Scope

The Policy applies to all full-time and part-time students enrolled in programs* offered in The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (“Michener”).

*Students in joint programs must refer to their program handbook.


The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework of common understanding for students and faculty concerning borderline grades.


Students with borderline grades may be presented as a “pass” at Promotions Review Committee (PRC) meetings when the faculty member deems it is warranted to do so. If the faculty member does not deem a passing grade is warranted, then the grade, rationale for the grade and recommendation is presented at the PRC for peer discussion and decision.

The following guiding principles are to be used by the faculty when determining appropriate action for a student with a borderline grade in a final course grade.

A borderline grade is a grade that requires the faculty member to investigate and determine the student’s ability to demonstrate he/she has met the learning outcomes for the course as defined in the course outline.

The student shall be considered for promotion if:

  • The grade is not consistent with past performance in the course; that is, the student has been able to demonstrate learning in all other assessments (formal/informal) of learning in the course


  • The student had/has a documented illness


  • The student has discussed/documented extenuating circumstances with the program and has an action plan


  • Exam statistics (appropriate for exam format) do not demonstrate validity and/or reliability.


If these conditions are not met, the student will not be promoted and the borderline grade shall be presented at the PRC.

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