Promotions Review Committee (PRC) Terms of Reference

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Department: Academic/RO
Creation Date: pre 2010
Approval Date: April 11, 2023
Effective Date: September 5, 2023


The Promotions Review Committee (PRC) supports The Michener Institute of Education at UHN’s (“Michener”) commitment to excellence in learning and teaching and applies Michener policy while carefully considering faculty recommendations regarding student standing and promotion.


The Promotions Review Committee (PRC)  is responsible for informing the Registrar’s Office regarding matters relating to student supplemental and post supplemental activity within their didactic and clinical studies. The PRC will review and make decisions on students wo have been denied supplemental activity  and/or those that have committed academic misconduct that has not been resolved. The PRC has no formal management and/or governance responsibilities at Michener.


Voting members:

  • PRC Chair – ex-officio non-voting member, except as required, as in the event of a tie.
  • A minimum of three (3) Program Communication Liaisons (PCLs) or Clinical Liaison Officers (CLOs), or faculty designate(s) – voting members for programs outside their own. Each program must designate only one (1) member.
  • One (1) student from outside of the program areas being considered at each PRC meeting
    • upon the request of any student whose case is under consideration, the student member may be excluded

Non-voting members:

  • Dean of Students (or designate)
  • Registrar (or designate)
  • Centre for Learning Innovation and Simulation representative
  • Promotion Review Committee Administrative Assistant


The PRC Chair

  • Participate as a non-voting member apart from a tie vote
  • Orient PRC participants to the role
  • Lead and guide committee participation and discussion, participate in committee discussion
  • Ensure PRC decisions are accurately recorded

The Program Communication Liaison(s) or Clinical Liaison Officer(s)

  • Participate as a voting member (only 1 vote per program) and participate in the committee discussion.
  • Act as the liaison for their program; present and discuss the program’s recommendations on behalf of the faculty member(s) from the program.
  • Notify students of arrangements for supplemental activity if granted.

Student representative

  • Participate as a voting member and participates in the committee discussion.

Dean of  Students (or designate)

  • Participate as a non-voting member and participate in the committee discussion.
  • Responsible for receiving and presenting any supporting documentation brought forward by the student(s).

    Registrar (or designate)

    • Participate as a non-voting member and participate in the committee discussion.
    • Responsible for maintaining academic records, academic standing, and academic history.
    • Provide guidance on application of policy to individual student cases.
    • Responsible for notifying students where supplemental activity is not granted and academic standing is negatively affected as a result of PRC decisions.

    Centre for Learning Innovation and Simulation representative

    • Participate as a non-voting member and participate in the committee discussions related to mattes of curriculum.

    PRC Administrative Assistant

    • Schedule the PRC meetings and organize the PRC agenda.
    • Record meeting minutes and record the names of the attending PRC Chair and PRC Members as electronic signature of approval.
    • File the decision in a departmental folder Y:\PRC – Master accessible by the Registrar.


    ☒ Quorum/voting

    • Fifty percent (50%) of the voting members must be in attendance for a meeting to be official.
    • Each member in attendance at the meeting, except the non-voting members, will have one vote (See under “Membership”). No proxy votes shall be accepted. The PRC Chair will vote in the event of a tie.



    ☐ Weekly

    ☐ Monthly

    ☐ Annually

    ☒ Other, please describe

    • The Promotions Review Committee will meet virtually at the end of each semester.


    ☐ Open (add to Michener calendar)

    ☒ Closed

    ☐ Partially open, e.g. dependent upon topic


    PRC members are reminded for confidentiality reasons to take no notes during the meeting and to destroy all email communications received prior.

    The PRC Chair will review, confirm and approve the minutes and decisions of the PRC as recorded with the committee prior to closing the meeting.

    The Registrar will receive an electronic copy of the full PRC minutes and decisions from the PRC Administrative Assistant. This will occur immediately following the PRC meeting. The Registrar will inform students being denied supplemental activity by email, copying the PCL and Program Chair.

    The full PRC minutes and decisions will be filed immediately into the folder with restricted access called Y:\PRC – Master


    Following each meeting, the Registrar’s Office is informed of decisions made regarding supplemental and post-supplemental activity. The Registrar determined Academic standing on the basis of decisions made at PRC.


      1. The PRC meeting dates will be determined by the Head of Academic Affairs & Operations and/or the Associate Head of Academic Affairs for each semester. The PRC Administrative Assistant (AA) will book the meeting for PRC members each semester and create the Final Grade PRC Form templates notifying programs when it is available. The Registrar’s Office will prepare the master file of enrolled students. Programs will ensure that final grades are populated on the Final Grade PRC Form. PCLs will then contact all students who have a failing grade informing them of supplemental activity or that their grade(s) will be reviewed by the PRC. Templates for these emails will be provided by the Registrar’s Office near the end of each semester. For any student denied supplemental activity by the program, the PCL will complete a PRC Report and submit this report to the PRC AA one (1) business day prior to the PRC meeting.
      2. At the start of the PRC meeting, the PRC Chair shall review the PRC Terms of Reference and rules of conduct (e.g., no use of student names, confidentiality, etc.), description of voting and non-voting members, and roles of the PRC members. Any conflicts of interest must be declared by the PRC members at this time. All those present must sign a Confidentiality Agreement that will be stored in a PRC folder with limited access.
      3. During the PRC meeting, the PCL /CLO (or designate) will present the rationale for the program’s recommendation. Students will only be referred to by their student ID number.
      4. The Dean of Students (or designate) will present any information received from the student on their behalf.
      5. The PRC members will discuss the student’s academic grades, progress, and any previous supplemental and post supplemental activity along with the program’s recommendation and rationale. Any time a student is denied supplemental activity and facing possible suspension and readmission, the terms and conditions of such readmission MUST be determined at the PRC meeting.
      6. The voting members of the PRC will carefully consider policy and the program faculty’s recommendations and decide on the student’s academic progression in the program. The PRC AA will record the decisions and any recommendations of the PRC including the terms and conditions of readmission on the PRC Report.
      7. The PRC Chair will review the final decision(s) made and recorded for accuracy with the PRC committee for approval and the PRC AA will record the names of the PRC Chair and voting members on the PRC Report as an electronic signature.
      8. Immediately after the PRC meeting, the student will be informed of the PRC’s decision
        1. If supplemental activity is denied, the Registrar (or designate) will email the student and advise of the decision and the consequences therefore (e.g., academic standing), as well as of their right to appeal. the email will be copied to the PCL and program chair.
          1. In the case of a decisions for probation, suspension, withdrawal, or permanent withdrawal, the Registrar will record the decision on the student’s record and copy this standing information to the Academic Chair, PCL, and the program AA.
          2. Terms and conditions for readmissions to Michener are determined by the Academic Chair and communicated via an official letter to the student copied to the Registrar.
        2. if  supplemental activity is granted, the PCL (or designate) will email the students and advise the date, time, and method of supplemental activity.