Grading Policy

Grading Policy
Approval DateAugust 30, 2022
Effective DateAugust 30, 2022

Organizational Scope

The Policy applies to all full-time and part-time students enrolled in programs* offered in The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (“Michener”). While the Policy is institutional in nature, specific controls such as a course pass mark may be determined at the program level.

*Students in joint programs must refer to their program handbook.


This policy explains and defines student grades and course auditing.


Final grades for each course are expressed as a pass/fail grade or a numerical (percentage) value which is converted to a letter grade and as a grade point on the official transcript. All final grades are reviewed and approved by the Promotions Review Committee (PRC). All final grades are then submitted to the Registrar’s Office who issue grade reports. Final grades are unofficial until they are posted by the Registrar.

Grades and transcripts are not released to students whose tuition or other fees due to Michener are in arrears or who have not returned Michener equipment or resources.

Grading Scale

Alpha Grade Percent Grade Grade Point Standing
A+ 90-100 4.0 Exceptional
A 85-89 4.0 Excellent
A- 80-84 3.7 Excellent
B+ 77-79 3.3 Very Good
B 73-76 3.0 Very Good
B- 70-72 2.7 Good
C+ 67-69 2.3 Good
C 63-66 2.0 Satisfactory
C- 60-62 1.7 Marginal Pass
D+ 57-59 1.3 Fail
D 53-56 1.0 Fail
D- 50-52 0.7 Fail
F 0-49 0.0 Fail

As well, Clinical course final grades may be expressed as Pass or Fail.

Grade Point Average

The grade point average (GPA) is calculated by using the formula in the following example

GPA is sum of Grade Point value (46.5) divided by sum of credits (15): 3.10

Grade Point Average (GPA): GPAs are calculated by multiplying the grade point value and credits of the course and dividing by total credits (GP * Credit/Total Credits)

  • Term GPA is the GPA derived when looking at the results from the group of courses a student takes in a single term/semester
  • Cumulative GPA is the GPA derived when taking into consideration all course results taken over one or more terms.

Example of a Transcript:

Below is an example of a student’s transcript. Courses will display the given letter grade and grade point average used to calculate term/semester and cumulative GPA.

Michener transcript excerpt


Common Notations on a Transcript:

WF Withdraw with academic penalty: A student who withdraws from the program after the midpoint of the academic session will receive a failing grade of “WF” for the courses in which the student was enrolled. A grade point of 0.00 will be assigned for each of these courses.
W Withdraw without academic penalty: A student may withdraw from the program without academic penalty prior to the midpoint of the academic session.
EQV Course Equivalency: Course equivalency granted based on equivalent course work, with a minimum grade of B (within the past 5 years) completed at a recognized institution. The EQV grade may also be assigned for course challenge examination or prior learning assessment.
S/SP/SF Supplemental Evaluation: A student may be given an opportunity to improve a failing grade through an examination rewrite or some other evaluation procedure. These students will have their final grade recalculated based on the mark for that supplemental activity. The grade represented by a numerical value followed by “S” (i.e., 60S). The maximum allowable grade in a course with a supplemental activity will be the minimum numerical passing grade.

A student who passes a supplemental examination or evaluation in a clinical course will receive a grade represented by a numerical value followed by “SP” (i.e., SP). Some supplemental evaluations may be for a portion of the final grade.

A grade of “SF” (0.00 grade point) will be assigned based on supplemental activity resulting in a failing grade.

INC Incomplete: A grade of “INC” is assigned for a course when the session work or final examination is not completed, based on a documented unavoidable cause. This notation will be replaced with a grade once a student has submitted the needed session work or has written the final examination. Normally students should note they have 30 days from when the course is complete to submit a written request to extend completion of the course. However, in exceptional circumstances students may require a surrogate or Accessibility Advisor to submit documentation on their behalf and need additional time to extend completion of the course.
AUD Audit Status: A standing of “AUD” will be assigned for a student who audits a course. No formal evaluation will be given for audited courses.

Course Audit

Students typically progress through Michener programs in a lock-step manner. In the event a student steps out for a period of time and is permitted to return, they may seek permission from the Academic Chair, or be required by the Academic Chair, to audit a course or series f courses prior to re-entering.

Students enrolling in courses for audit must be enrolled formally, must have permission from the Academic Chair and must pay all relevant Tuition and Fees for the course(s). A minimum amount of attendance and participation, as determined by the instructor and noted in any applicable learning plan and/or associated documentation (e.g., attendance policy), may be expected for course audits.

Audited courses appear on the transcript with an AUD grade, but the student received no credit and the courses do not apply towards any credential. Audit grades are not included in the GPA calculation.

If a student wishes to withdraw from an audited course, regular course withdrawal deadlines and process apply. If course audit is required as part of a Learning Plan, withdrawal from audited course may result in academic penalties.

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