Seat Reservation Policy

Seat Reservation Policy
Creation DateJune 11, 2024
Approval DateJune 11, 2024
Effective DateSeptember 3, 2024

Organizational Scope

This policy applies to all full-time and part-time programs offered at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (“Michener”).


To ensure consistent practice organizationally in response to requests for seat reservations for health care organizations both within and outside of the province. The contractual obligation is limited to one admission cycle and is in effect for the duration of the program to which the seat reservation applies. The organization/clinic wishing to enter into such an agreement with Michener will hereafter be called the Sponsor.




Michener serves the health human resource needs of the Province of Ontario. Seat reservations will be considered over and above any required clinical placements mandated by the Government. All clinical site requests for program seats will be handled on a case-by-case basis ensuring that admissions remain accessible to non-sponsored students. To this end, normally no more than 30% of an incoming cohort can be assigned to seat purchase.

Ontario and out of Province seat reservation requests must be submitted by the deadline as determined by the Registrar and may proceed with approval from the Vice Principal, Academic and Operations with Academic Chair consultation. Applicants for seat reservation must be competitive and reviewed through the regular admissions processes.  A seat reservation fee, as determined by the Vice Principal, Academic and Operations must be paid annually to Michener from the Sponsor who will commit to clinical placement support for their applicant along with other Michener program applicants. Ontario applications will be considered ahead of out of province requests for seat reservation. Normally a site may not request more than one (1) seat reservation annually unless approved by the Vice Principal, Academic and Operations in consultation with the Academic Chair.