DRST Review Procedure

DRST Review Procedure
DepartmentApplied Educational Research
Creation DateMarch 3, 2011
Approval DateMay 25, 2011
Effective DateMay 25, 2011

Organizational Scope

This policy pertains to all staff, faculty and students who require access to Michener data and/or are engaging in scholarly activities such as publishing, presenting and/or attending conferences.


The purpose of this policy is to describe the requirements for accessing Michener data and for submitting scholarly achievements at the Michener Institute.


DRST: Data Review/Scholarship Tracking

DARC: Data Access Review Committee


The Michener Institute collects and maintains a wealth of data pertaining to the functions and activities associated with the Institute and its students, faculty or staff.  This includes educational research and information related to Michener’s external profile.  The Michener Institute is responsible for maintaining the integrity of this data in order to ensure the information is representative of Michener’s vision, mission and strategic direction, and adheres to current privacy and confidentiality laws and guidelines (see Michener Privacy Policy). Access to institutional data is restricted to individuals who have credible reason for accessing and using data and the use of institutional data is structured for staff and faculty wishing to use it in their presentations, publications and workshops.  The Research Office acts as a gateway for staff, faculty and students to gain access to data.

Michener staff are required to submit their scholarly achievements on a continual basis for board reporting.


This policy applies to members of the Research Office and/or administration and/or DARC.

2.0  Procedures

2.1         Access to Institutional Data

2.1.1      Individuals requiring access to institutional data will:

  1. Inform and request approval to access the data from their Chair/Division Head;
  2. Complete the Data Access Request Form and submit it to the Research Office;

2.1.2     The Data Access Review Committee (DARC) will review the request in a timely manner and make a determination regarding access to the data;

2.1.3      A letter will be sent from the DARC through the Research Office confirming or denying the request to access data;

2.1.4      The Research Office will coordinate access to the data required;

2.1.5      The Research Office administrator or designate will log all requests and decisions regarding access to data.

2.2         Scholarly Activity Reporting

2.2.1      On a continual basis, Michener staff will inform their Chair/Division Head of their scholarly activities.

2.2.2      The Research Office administrator or designate will log all scholarly activities.

3.0 References

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