Data Review/Scholarship Tracking (DRST) Submission Requirements and Administrative Review Policy

Data Review/Scholarship Tracking (DRST) Submission Requirements and Administrative Review Policy
DepartmentApplied Educational Research
Creation DateFebruary 3, 2011
Approval DateMay 25, 2011
Effective DateMay 25, 2011

Organizational Scope

This policy pertains to all staff, faculty, students or external persons intending to access and use Michener data.


The purpose of this policy is to describe the requirements for submission to the Data Access Review Committee (DARC) and the administrative processes carried out by the Research Office pertaining to DARC submissions.


DARC: Data Access Review Committee

DRST: Data Review/Scholarship Tracking


DARC members require documentation to review requests for data access and scholarship declaration submissions.  This documentation must provide sufficient information to allow reviewer(s) to make a comprehensive assessment.

The Research Office provides the administrative support necessary, via its administrative processes, to ensure DARC members have adequate and appropriate resources at their disposal for thoughtful review of submissions.


This policy applies to members of the Research Office and/or administration.

2.0 Procedures

The Research Office is responsible for maintaining the submission requirements, and for assuring their accessibility for staff, faculty and students.  Instructions regarding submissions, deadlines, forms, etc., can be found on the website or by contacting the Research Office directly.

3.1         Submission Requirements

3.1.1      The required documents, forms and checklists include but are not limited to:

  • Data Access Request Form

3.2         Administrative Review:

3.2.1      Upon receipt of submission, the coordinator or designate will log the date of submission and assess the submission for overall completeness;

3.2.2      Once the submission is complete the coordinator or designate will assign the submission for review to the DARC member(s) most appropriate to review the submission and/or add the submission to the DARC meeting agenda for review and discussion.

3.2.3      All original submission materials are retained in the Research Office.


Associated Documentation

Data Access Request Form