Granting of Honorary Diploma Procedure

Honorary Diploma Committee

  1. The Principal of the Michener Institute of Education at UHN will establish an Honorary Diploma Committee comprised of the following members:
    • Executive Vice-President, Education
    • Principal, Michener Institute of Education at UHN
    • Head of Academic Affairs and Operations
    • Director, Student Success Network
    • One Academic Chair
    • One full-time faculty member
    • One full-time student
    • One Board member
  1. The Chair of the Committee will be the Principal of the Michener Institute of Education at UHN.
  2. Quorum shall constitute 50% plus one.
  3. The duties of the Committee are as follows:
  4. Conduct all duties confidentially in a closed meeting and maintain records confidentially.
  5. Consider and determine if nominees meet the eligibility requirements.
  6. Once prospective recipients have been considered eligible, the Committee will execute due diligence based on information received in the nomination package and information publicly available to the Committee.
  7. Recommend the candidates to receive the Honorary Diploma to the Michener Board of Governors.
  8. The Michener Board of Governors will review and reject, defer, or approve the recommended candidate.


  1. Nominees for the Honorary Diploma are nominated by current employees, students, Michener or University Health Network Board of Governors members or alumni.
  2. The nominees should be exceptional individuals who have made significant in health care and/or post-secondary education, whose accomplishments provide inspiration and leadership to the graduates, and who, by their presence, bring distinction to the School of Applied Health Sciences.
  3. A nominator may submit or support one nomination during a nomination cycle.
  4. A member of the Honorary Diploma Committee may nominate a potential recipient, participate in the discussion but then must recuse themselves from the Committee decision.
  5. Nomination packages must include:
    1. a completed nomination form,
    2. a curriculum vitae of the nominee (if available) or similar documentation[1], and
    3. a minimum of two supporting reference letters.
  6. Two candidates will be selected from the nominees, a first choice and alternate if the first-choice candidate declines the invitation.
  7. Confidentiality shall always be maintained. Candidates are not to be notified of their nomination as not all candidates can be recognized. The nominator will receive confirmation of receipt of the nomination.
  8. Candidates will be presented to the Michener Board of Governors at the fall Board meeting preceding Graduation.

[1] Includes credentials, work experience, contributions, awards, etc.

Presentation of Honorary Diplomas

  1. Once approved by the Michener Board of Governors, the Office of the Principal will contact the proposed recipient to offer them the Honorary Diploma and confirm their acceptance and attendance at the Convocation ceremony. Should the recipient decline and/or be unable to attend a ceremony or public event, the Office of the Principal will contact the alternate proposed recipient.
  2. Honorary Diplomas will be presented during a convocation ceremony or another public event.
  3. The recipients should be confirmed by December in the year prior to Graduation.

Revocation of Honorary Diplomas

Honorary diplomas may be revoked by the Michener Board of Governors on the recommendation of the Principal. Such recommendation shall be based on evidence and guided by the principles of fairness.

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