Minor Emergency Weather Related Closures Policy

Minor Emergency Weather Related Closures Policy
DepartmentHuman Resources
Creation DateSeptember 18, 2008
Approval DateSeptember 18, 2008
Effective DateSeptember 18, 2008

Organizational Scope

All staff students, and members of the Michener Community located at the St. Patrick Campus.


This policy will ensure staff students, and members of the Michener Community located at the St. Patrick Campus are made aware of any building closure and cancellation of classes in the event of severe weather and/or an emergency situation that may affect Michener’s normal operations.


In the event of severe weather, or an emergency situation, that threatens Michener’s normal business operations, Michener reserves the rights to make the decision to close the building and cease normal operation. If the decision is made to close the building, necessary steps will be taken to inform staff students and the general community of this decision in the following manner:


Leadership Group Academic and Staff leads will:

  • E-mail communication of closure to all staff and students

Information Management will:

  • Activate the phone message to alert callers that The Michener lnstitute is closed
  • Broadcast message to staff on voice mail

Communications and Marketing will:

  • Post information on the website to indicate The Michener lnstitute is closed and will arrange to broadcast the closing, as soon as possible, to appropriate news outlets

Continuing Education will:

  • Update the mailbox alerting students of the status of any scheduled Continuing Education classes, seminars or special events

Facilities and CASE will:

  • Communicate with external member of the Michener Community of the status of their scheduled use of the Michener’s facility


Michener staff and students should stay informed on building closure information by:

  • Visiting Michener’s website and/or intranet (my.michener.ca)
  •  Calling (416) 596-3101 to check the main line external message for information
  • Frequently checking their email and voicemail
  • Tuning in to appropriate news radio and television stations

In the event of pending severe weather conditions, staff and students are encouraged to check the above prior to leaving their place of residence to attend Michener.

Revision History

Date Reviewer Change(s) Made
Florence Facchini Addition of the telephone extension that informs callers about the status of any special courses or seminars scheduled that may or may not be affected by the closure of Michener. SSN is responsible for updating the message on this mailbox. lt is to be used for informational purposes only and cannot receive messages
Robin Darling Transferred to new template
Robin Darling Combined policy & procedure into one document. Created TOC. Sent to Edgar Chua to confirm contact info
Brad Niblett Approve minor edits
September 9, 2014 Sean Morphy Update format, numbering and minor wording changes
September 8, 2016 Natasha Kuzmanov & Sydney Redpath Wording changes to reflect current organizational structure