Course Audit Policy

Course Audit Policy
Approval DateJune 19, 2019
Effective DateSeptember 3, 2019

Organizational Scope

The policy applies to all students in all programs offered in The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (“Michener”) who are required or wish to attend a course but not receive credit for it.


This policy is to establish principles and criteria for auditing courses Michener.


Academic Chair – The head of an academic program or group of programs.

Audit – Enrolment in a course that permits a student to attend without being evaluated for credit.

Program – An approved program offered in the School of Applied Health Sciences.

Student – A student who is required or wish to attend a course within their program and who has been admitted to and enrolled in a Program.

Tuition and Fees – Tuition and Mandatory Fees as approved by the Board of Governors.


Students typically progress through Michener programs in a lock-step manner. In the event a student stops out for a period of time and is permitted to return, they may seek permission from the Academic Chair, or be required by the Academic Chair to audit a course or series of courses prior to re-entering.

Students enrolling in courses for audit must be admitted to the program, must have permission from the Academic Chair and must pay all relevant Tuition and Fees for the course(s). A minimum amount of attendance and participation, as determined by the instructor and noted in any applicable learning plan and/or associated documentation (e.g. attendance policy), may be expected for course audits.

Audited courses appear on the transcript with an AUD grade but the student receives no credit, and the courses do not apply towards any credential. Audit grades are not included in the GPA calculation.

If a student wishes to withdraw from an audited course, regular course withdrawal deadlines and processes apply. If course audit is required as part of Learning Plan, withdrawal from audited course may result in academic penalties.

Revision History

Date Reviewer Change(s) Made
June 19, 2019 Cathy Carson Document created