Storage and Return of Student Documentation from Clinical Partners Procedure

Storage and Return of Student Documentation from Clinical Partners Procedure
Creation DateMarch 27, 2013
Approval DateJune 28, 2018
Effective DateSeptember 4, 2018


The purpose of this procedure is to inform clinical partners and Program Chairs, Clinical Liaison Officers, Administrative Assistants and Office for Clinical Education staff of the requirement to correctly store all student-related documentation at the clinical site and return that documentation following the student placement.


All hard copy documentation pertaining to Michener students’ personal or academic information must be securely stored in a locked filing cabinet within the placement department of the clinical site during the student placement. Electronic documentation must be protected by log on and password access.

Within one month of the end of a student’s clinical placement, the site clinical coordinator or delegate must return all hard copy student documentation to the program’s Administrative Assistant at The Michener Institute. The Administrative Assistant will track the return of each student’s clinical documentation. If the site has not returned the documentation, the Administrative Assistant will follow-up with the Clinical Coordinator.

The site must return documentation using a mechanism that may be tracked should the documentation not reach Michener.

Michener will cover the associated cost to return the documents provided the cost is within reason and in line with expense guidelines.

Documents may also be returned in person either when the Clinical Coordinator is at Michener or when the Clinical Liaison Officer is visiting the site.

Within one month of the end of a student’s clinical placement, the site Clinical Coordinator or delegate must delete all electronic student records from that clinical site’s computer system. This also applies, but is not limited to, information in any format including portable storage devices or external sites or databases.  Confirmation that all records have been deleted will be made by the Clinical Coordinator to the program’s Administrative Assistant who will record that confirmation.


Student-related documentation must be returned to Michener or deleted from electronic files no later than one month following the end of a student’s clinical base placement or speciality rotation.


Non-compliance of this procedure may result in confidential student-related information becoming accessible to others with implications ranging from, breach of affiliation agreements and loss of placement opportunities to potential loss of program accreditation status.

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