Disk Space Allocation Policy

Disk Space Allocation Policy
DepartmentInformation Management
Creation DateNovember 4, 2004
Approval DateNovember 4, 2004
Effective DateMarch 8, 2008

Organizational Scope

This policy applies to all full time and part time staff and faculty at the Michener Institute.


Electronic resources are critical to functionality at Michener. Communicating with other Michener staff,students and external parties is facilitated with the GroupWise email system. In order to keep the email system manageable and efficient a limit (quota) is applied to all GroupWise accounts.

As well,the number offiles saved on the file servers and print servers are limited. This collective storage pool must be shared between all Michener network users.


All staff will be provided with 1OOOMB of space in the GroupWise email system.

Each individual Program/Department/Working Group shall be allocated 5000MB of data storage space.

All staff will be allocated 1OOOMB of personal data storage space. Personal data storage space will also include any archived email that each individual may archive from the email system.

Maintenance and organization of the data in the shared disk space allocations will be the responsibility of the specific Chair/Manager/Director.


Program space will be used to store program related data that is accessible by multiple users. During the creation of presentations for students, preliminary data such as images, scanned files,text files, and other image types (TIF, BMP,PPT,DOC) before compilation into the final product, should be stored here. (At present,this area can be found as a mapped drive…Y:Programsprogramname. Replace programname with the name of the program i.e. Chiropody.)

Once the final product has been compiled and is ready to be made accessible to students,it should be stored on the student accessible systems. At present, this area can be found as a mapped drive S:ProgramsProgramname. Replace programname with the name of the program i.e. Chiropody. This eliminates data redundancy, reduces post office activity (since files such as PowerPoint presentations will not be emailed back and forth), and reduces lost data.

The storage area on the student accessible systems, NOT the email delivery systems,will be used to give students common access to presentations.

NOTE:* All requests for additional disk space are subject to the approval of the Manager, Information Management.

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