Professional Development Allotment for Clinical Coordinators & Adjunct Professors Policy

Professional Development Allotment for Clinical Coordinators & Adjunct Professors Policy
Approval DateJune 28, 2018
Effective DateSeptember 4, 2018

Organizational Scope

This Policy applies to Clinical Coordinators and Adjunct Professors, Finance Department, and the Office for Clinical Education at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (“Michener”).


Michener believes that annual professional development is an important aspect of individual growth and maintenance of relevance and competence. In keeping with this philosophy and the affiliation agreement with clinical sites, Michener has established an annual professional development allotment available to site Clinical Coordinators and Adjunct Professors.


In recognition of the unique role of the Clinical Coordinator and Adjunct Professor in the clinical education of Michener students, they are eligible to receive annual professional development support of up to $550.


Annually, Clinical Coordinators and Adjunct Professors should identify PD activities that reflect personal needs for learning or enrichment of job responsibility in support of clinical education and as a practicing health professional. The nature of the activity may address educational, health science, or management objectives. The following professional development activities will be supported:

  • Tuition fees for courses/workshops or professional conferences;
  • Travel, accommodation, and meal expenses to attend courses/workshops or professional conferences;
  • Purchase of reference textbooks;
  • Subscriptions to professional journals;
  • Purchase of educational computer programs in support of approved educational activity;
  • Purchase of electronic tablets or laptops to store and access electronic reference software (e.g. e-textbooks) NOTE: Purchases limited to one (1) device every three (3) years. Smart devices, desktop computers, additional warranties, and nonessential accessories will not be supported;
  • Annual membership dues for professional societies providing that membership is not a requirement to work in that profession. Proof that such membership provides documented professional development is required.

All claims must adhere to the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Guidelines (Ontario). Michener will reimburse the Clinical Coordinator or Adjunct Professor for any reasonable expenses, as listed above, for PD up to the annual (April 1 to March 31) $550 allotment, based on the placement of student(s) at that site during that academic year. There is no carryover of the PD allotment from one fiscal year to the next. Written requests from Clinical Coordinators or Clinical Adjunct Professors to transfer some or all of an annual allotment to colleagues having current status appointments will be considered on an individual basis.

Claims must be submitted to The Office for Clinical Education within 60 days of the expense being incurred. Although the annual PD allotment is available until March 31, it is strongly recommended that claims be submitted well in advance of the March 31 deadline in case additional documentation is necessary. Once approved, reimbursement cheques will then be issued within 45 days from Michener’s Finance Department. To avoid unnecessary delays in processing claimants are encouraged to contact the Office for Clinical Education regarding submission dates and supporting documents in advance.

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Revision History

Date Reviewer Change(s) Made
July 14, 2014 Don Bartlett Add purchase of electronic tablets and e-textbooks Add the 60 day submission requirement
March 24, 2015 Don Bartlett Remove specific clinical length to qualify for PD allotment
March 23, 2016 Don Bartlett Minor changes to provide clarity
June 28, 2018 Don Bartlett Addition of laptops as an approved PD expenditure