Copyright Procedure for the Use of Student Works

Copyright Procedure for the Use of Student Works
DepartmentAcademic - LRC
Creation DateApril 21, 2021
Approval DateJuly 7, 2021
Effective DateSeptember 8, 2021


The purpose is to establish a clear procedure to guide the use of copyright-protected works where the copyright owner is a student of the Michener Institute.


Per the Michener Institute Copyright Policy:

The copyright of work prepared by students in fulfilment of their Michener program requirements shall be owned by the student. The students have the right to control all further uses of their work.

Michener faculty shall not use a student’s work for purposes other than that for which it was assigned unless prior written consent is received from the student.

Michener shall obtain a signed waiver from students to use their work for purposes other than which it was assigned.

Clarifying question:

Can I use examples of student work in future classes?


The student retains copyright ownership in all their work unless that work was completed as part of their employment, in which case the employer typically owns the copyright. Therefore, you will require permission to use their work.


Faculty can use the following as a template to receive permission for the use of student work:

Date: _________________

Student Name (Print): _________________________________ Student ID Number: _________________

I _______________________________________ (student name) give permission to Michener Institute to use the following work, which I created as a course assignment at Michener.

      • (Identify/describe assignment or student work for which permission is requested.)

As creator of this work, I retain all copyright and moral rights in the work. My permission is given to use my work, royalty free, for the purposes of:

      • (List the purposes and duration for which the work will used.)

Check one of the following:

   Use my name to cite the source of this work

   I prefer to remain anonymous, please cite the source as “A student of the Michener Institute

Student signature: _________________________ Date: _________________

Faculty should keep the signed copy of the permission from the student.

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