Health Requirements & Health Services

Health Services

The focus of Health Services is to:

  • Advise students on required entry and clinical health requirements
  • Monitor student compliance with required entry and clinical health requirements as per determined due dates
  • Receive and respond to requests from students for accommodation and coordinate return to school following absence due to illness/injury
  • Receive and respond to students incident reports
  • Arrange Mask Fit Testing for students as per program timelines
  • Promote occupational health practices for students
  • Support the Occupational Joint Health & Safety Committee as needed

Michener is committed to preventing and removing barriers that impede students with disabilities from participating fully in the educational environment in a way that is responsive to their own unique circumstances.

Health Requirements

Deadline update for the current Aug 31, 2022 health requirements:

First Aid/CPR

  • Standard First Aid & CPR-BLS is an entry requirement for Chiropody.
  • Standard First Aid is an entry requirement for Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Immunization Requirements Form (IRF) –We are aware that due to Covid-19 you may require some additional time to complete your IRF. Please have your doctor complete as much of the IRF as possible by August 31.

Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) 

  • If you have a Toronto address, you apply for your VSC from Toronto Police via mail. Please email Health Services at and we will email the Toronto Police VSC application Form. This form must be printed on legal sized paper (8 ½ “ x 14’). If you are not able to print the form on legal size paper, Health Services will mail the form to you – email with your mailing address.
  • If you live outside of Toronto, you will need to apply for your VSC at your regional police service. Please email Health Services at and we will email you our VSC letter to Regional Police, which may entitle you to pay a discounted student/volunteer rate.

The requirements below are mandatory for all Michener students. Start the process of obtaining your Health Requirements immediately to ensure the stated deadlines are met. This process will entail multiple visits to your physician/health care provider. You are responsible for costs incurred.

First Year Entry Requirements Required Date Clinical Requirements
Immunization Requirement Form (IRF)
(including Laboratory Reports)
Yes August 31 No (Already completed upon entry)
2 Step TB Test Yes August 31 No (Annual 1 step TB test required for clinical placement)
Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)
*not required for Anesthesia Assistant students
Yes August 31 Yes (Must be valid for duration of clinical placement)
Mask Fit Testing No Yes (Must be valid for duration of clinical placement)

Please note: You must be successfully N95 mask-fit tested prior to clinical placement (testing dates will be arranged through Health Services). Testing requires students to be clean-shaven. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in your clinical placement and/or program being interrupted, delayed or terminated.

How to submit your Health Requirements Documentation

  1. You must upload all health documentation to the Student Portal, Health Service tab. You can also track your Health Requirements Documentation status.
  2. Please ensure each page of your document is clearly labeled with your Name, Program and Year of Admission before uploading.
  3. KEEP ORIGINALS – Please note that it is your responsibility to keep a copy of the IRF form, laboratory reports, TB test forms, and any other associated health requirements documents.  In keeping with Michener’s Privacy Policy, these records are not archived and are destroyed once the student completes or permanently withdraws from their program.

Full Time Students

The following Health Requirements are mandatory for all Year 1 students. Proof of completion must be uploaded.

Part Time Students

The following Health Requirements documentation are required for your clinical placements.

Anesthesia Assistant

Imaging Informatics

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Bridging Students

Mask Fit, Vulnerable Sector Check and First Aid/or CPR are NOT required for Bridging Students. The following Health documentation is required.

Contact Information

Health Services, Room 1342
Telephone: 416-596-3101 ext. 3320
Confidential fax: 416-596-7214