Learning Resource Centre

Learning Resource Centre (LRC) contributes to improved learner experiences and outcomes. In collaboration and consultation with our Staff and Faculty partners, we will help build the Institute’s success by:
  • Cultivating 21st century teaching, learning and research skills
  • Integrating learning resources across the academy
  • Enabling life-long learning
From the LRC website, you can connect to any of our electronic resources and learn more about our services. Please do not hesitate to contact staff with any questions. Ask LRC!

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LRC Hours - Fall/Winter Semesters

Closed until further notice due to covid-19

Although the physical LRC is closed, our services are still available:

  • For assistance, please email the LRC. If you have a quick question, you’ll receive a quick reply by email. If you have an in-depth question, we will set up a video call to discuss.
  • All of our electronic resources, including journal article databases, eBooks, and Anatomy TV, are available as usual. Find them on the LRC Services page.
  • Looking for a way to work collaboratively with classmates? We’ve set up LRC Study Hall, a virtual space on Microsoft Teams. To join, or for more information, please contact Scholarly Communications Librarian Thomas Blennerhassett.
  • To learn more about accessing electronic resources, watch our videos on YouTube.

Unfortunately, our print books, including LRC copies of textbooks, are not currently accessible. We advise students to purchase all of their required textbooks.

For the duration of the closure of the LRC, students can print using the printing service provided by our commercial printing partner Ricoh – located in the basement of the Michener building in the cafeteria. Please note that you must sent your request from your @michener.ca email address, and only black and white printing is available.

How To:

  1. Email your print job(s) directly to Ricoh at Ricoh@Michener.ca and CC LRC@Michener.ca – Be sure to include any instructions (eg. Double sided);
  2. In the body of the email you must indicate that the print job will be charged to the LRC cost centre LRC I-039;
  3. Ricoh will email the student when the print job is ready for pick up at the Ricoh office in the basement;
  4. Turnaround time is up to 24 hours and is available on weekdays only;
  5. This service is being paid for by the LRC with no charges to students; however, we ask that the environment be respected – ie. If you wouldn’t be willing to pay for your print job, please consider whether you really need to print

If you have any questions about this service, please email the LRC at LRC@Michener.ca