Learning Resource Collaboratory

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Welcome to limitless learning!

The Learning Resource Collaboratory is a centre without walls in which the students can study, interact, and collaborate with their peers, access information, e-resources, tools, and the services of a Librarian without regard for physical location.

Visit the Learning Resource Centre

In Person:

On the 2nd Floor, Michener building. The Centre is open 24 X 7 – just TAP your student card to unlock the portal!

The Learning Resource Collaboratory Offers:

  • LRC Virtual Portal
  • E-Journals / E-Books
  • Online databases / Platforms with e-Resources
  • Program Resource Guides
  • LRC Videos:
    • Google Scholar Access
    • How to Access PubMed
    • Accessing Journals Off-Campus
  • Zotero citation management tool
  • “Discover It All” with the LRC Discovery Layer – search the LRC resources with a Google-like search
  • Teams Chat / Teams Consults with Librarians Contact:  LRC@Michener.ca

  • Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – 2nd Floor – Open 24 X 7
  • Computer labs and printers – LRC – 2nd Floor
  • Silent Study Carrels / Study Rooms – LRC – 2nd Floor
  • Relaxation stations – LRC – 2nd Floor
  • Dry Lab / Pop-Up Clinic do-it-yourself simulation – LRC – 2nd Floor
  • Required and Recommended textbooks for all your courses – *for in-library use only* – LRC 2nd Floor
  • Collaborative spaces – LRC 2nd Floor
  • Virtual LRC Study Hall
  • Teams Chat / Teams Consults with Librarians Contact:  LRC@Michener.ca

  • LRC Introduction to Information Literacy: Finding the Evidence-Based Information for Michener
  • LRC Digital Information Literacy Workshop #1 – LRC Databases and Zotero (citation mgt)
  • LRC Digital Information Literacy Workshop #2 – Information Creation, Value, and Authority (MESH)
  • LRC Digital Information Literacy Workshop #3 – Scholarship and Research (advanced searching / grey lit / predatory journals)
  • LRC Video: What are Plagiarism and Copyright: Plagiarism and copyright and how they inform academic integrity
  • LRC100:  Blackboard courses:
    • How to improve your academic writing
    • How to develop a research question
  • MICH – Michener Student Open Access Journal
  • Referencing & Writing Support:   APA; Vancouver
  • Teams Chat / Teams Consults with Librarians Contact: LRC@Michener.ca