Health Documentation FAQs

1. Why are Michener students required to submit health documentation?

Immunization requirements are mandatory for entry into Michener programs. They must be completed prior to the due date in your offer letter (for full time programs the due date is July 31) and remain current for the duration of clinical placement. These immunization requirements allow for the standards outlined in the Canadian Immunization Guide and the Communicable Disease Surveillance Protocols published by the Ontario Hospital Association and the Ontario Medical Association .

2. Who pays for the costs associated with obtaining the Health Documentation?

You are responsible for any and all costs associated with completion of your health and Vulnerable Sector Check requirements.

3. How do I satisfy health requirements for The Michener Institute?

You must upload your health requirements documentation to the Michener Self-Service Portal .

4. When should I start completing my health requirements?

Start the process of obtaining your health requirements documentation as soon as you have received your offer letter and paid your deposit. Multiple physician/health care provider visits may be required and some requirements; such as Hepatitis B vaccinations may take up to 6 months to complete.

Keep in mind that some requirements must remain current for the duration of your academic program.

5. Where can I find information on my previous immunizations?

  • Contact the public health department in the school district you attended to ask for a copy of your vaccination record
  • Obtain your childhood record (often a yellow card or form) from your family doctor or parents
  • If you are a healthcare worker or have volunteered in a hospital, contact your current employer, your past employer. or organization when you performed volunteer work, and request a copy of your record from the Occupational Health Department.

6. How do I know if I have completed my requirements?

To check the status of your health Requirements, go to the Health Requirements Status tab found on the Michener Self-Service Portal . If all shows as “complete”, you have completed the requirements. Check regularly for any health requirements that need to be updated.

7. How do I submit my immunization documents to Michener Health Services?

Can I submit my health requirements documentation in person, via e-mail or by fax? You must upload your health requirements documentation on the Health Services tab on the Michener Self-Service Portal . Please upload your health requirements documentation as .pdf files. Students who may not have access to a scanner can use one available at the Michener’s Learning Resource Collaboratory (LRC), located on the 2nd floor.

8. Can I obtain immunizations at The Michener Institute?

No. These services are not provided at the Michener Institute. All immunizations and blood tests must be completed by your Healthcare Provider.

Please note: Medical Radiation Sciences students can obtain immunizations and TB tests from the University of Toronto Health & Wellness

9. Can my Health records be transferred from another educational institution?

Yes. Some Michener Health Requirements documentation may be similar to health requirements at other educational institutions. However, you must upload a completed Immunization Requirements Form (IRF). It is imperative that your name, Student ID #, and program are clearly indicated on all health requirements documentation uploaded on the Michener Self-Service Portal even if your documentation is received from another educational institution, including the University of Toronto.

10. Is there a contraindication in receiving Tdap if you’ve already had a recent Td immunization?

No, it is not necessary to wait until the next Td booster is due.

11. Why do I have to use the Michener Immunization Requirements Form?

Other educational institutions may have different immunization requirements from Michener; therefore, it is necessary to use the Michener Immunization Requirements Form (IRF) . As well, page 4/Student Authorization section requires your signature. By using the Michener Immunization Requirements Form, you will be informed of all the required immunizations and laboratory reports.

12. If I have uploaded my health requirements documentation, do I need to keep the original documents?

Yes. You need to keep the originals of your health requirements documentation for your professional portfolio. As well, some clinical sites may require the original documentation be shown to the clinical site. These records are not archived and are destroyed once you complete or permanently withdraw from your program.

13. What is the due date of all my health requirements documentation?

  • All first year students must upload all their health requirements documentation on the Health Services Portal tab, prior to the due indicated in their offer letter.
  • All returning students must upload their health requirements documentation on the Health Services tab on the Michener Self-Service Portal by the due date as indicated on the Health Services tab on the Michener Self-Service Portal and/or e-mail notification.

14. I am a returning student; do I have to resubmit all the immunization requirements?

Depending on your program’s clinical placement period, you will need to update your health requirements documentation as they may have changed since your first arrival at the Michener. Please check your health requirements documentation status on the Health Services tab on the Michener Self-Service Portal .

15. How do I meet the requirements when I am an international student and can’t complete the requirements until I arrive in Canada?

International students must complete and upload their health requirements documentation on the Health Services tab on the  Michener Self-Service Portal  prior to the due date indicated in their offer letter. If there are tests that cannot be completed until one’s arrival in Canada, Health Services will provide support in identifying the closest health care locations where the students can complete these requirements. The student is responsible for all associated costs. All international students are covered under an international health care plan. However, most health care vaccinations and immunizations are not covered under this plan.

16. There is not enough time to get all of the Hepatitis B injections. Can I get the accelerated series of Hepatitis B before coming to Michener?

Yes. Research indicates that the accelerated series is just as effective as the traditional series.

17. Which Tuberculosis Test is required for admission to Michener?

Michener requires a 2-step TB test (TB test done 2 times; TB #1 test is administered and, if negative, TB #2 test is administered at least 1 week, and no more than 3 weeks, after TB Test #1). For specific details, see TB test information on the Immunization Requirements Form and/or the Student Health and Vulnerable Sector Check Policy.

18. I just uploaded my health requirements documentation. When will I know if I am complete?

Please allow 5-7 business days for the processing your health requirements documentation. Please check your health requirements documentation status on the Health Services tab on the  Michener Self-Service Portal .

19. What type of Police Check do I need?

All Michener programs require students to submit a current and satisfactory Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) as per the Student Health & Vulnerable Sector Check Policy. Police Reference Checks performed for people who will be working with children or vulnerable people are referred to as “Vulnerable Sector Checks”.

20. How do I apply for a Vulnerable Sector Check?

You must obtain the Vulnerable Sector Check through the regional police service where you currently reside.

If you have a Toronto address:

  • Can take 2-3 weeks to obtain ( Applicant must apply online, please contact for further information and organization code)

If you live outside of Toronto, you can apply in person or online with your regional police service:

  • Obtain a  letter signed by Health Services, indicating that you are an unpaid student requesting a Vulnerable Sector Check, from Health Services in Room 1342, Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM or at the main reception desk in the front lobby, or Health Service can email this letter to you. You will need to take this letter to your regional police service, in order to be charged the discounted student/volunteer rate
  • Complete the top section of the letter and take it with you, along with 2 pieces of government issued ID (of which at least one must be photo ID) to your regional police service.

21. What happens if I don’t complete and/or upload my health requirements documentation?

All requirements must be uploaded prior to the due date indicated in your offer letter for first year students or by the due date indicated on the Health Services Portal tab for returning students. For requirements that are in process, students must provide proof of compliance, for example, a copy of the payment receipt for the Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC). Your health requirements documentation status will be pending. Non-compliance and incomplete status will impact your ability to progress in the program.

22. Whom do I contact for any Michener Self-Service Portal technical support?

Please contact the Michener IM Help Desk at 416-596-3101 ext. 3369 or e-mail for technical issues accessing The Michener Self-Service Portal.

23. Can I obtain my health records after I graduate?

No. Michener’s’ Health Service will delete all electronic records once the student has graduated or permanently withdrawn from the program.

24. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my health requirements documentation?

Health Services, Room 1342, 222 St. Patrick St., Toronto ON M5T 1V4
Telephone: 416-596-3101 ext. 3320
Confidential fax: 416-596-7214