Upload Instructions

How to Upload Health Requirements to Student Portal:

Health Requirement Upload Flow Chart
1. Log into the Michener Student Portal using the username and password you received when you first applied to Michener.

Michener Student Portal Homepage

2. Click the ‘Health Services’ Tab. To view more information on health requirements for new students or students preparing for clinical placement, click on the corresponding button.
Michener Student Portal Health Services Homepage

3. To upload documents, click ‘Health Requirements Status and Upload’ Tab. Review the ‘status” column to verify the status of your health requirements.

Michener Student Portal Health Services Health Requirements Status and Upload Page

4. Upload documents using the ‘choose file’ button in the table under “Upload your Health Requirements” located at the end of each requirement.

Michener Health Requirements Upload Process

5. Check that the file has uploaded successfully.
Michener Health Requirements Upload Success Check

6. Click ‘Uploaded documents history’ to confirm all documents are uploaded.

Michener Student Portal Health Services Uploaded Document History Page

7. Click ‘Health Services’ Tab, ‘ I am a New Student’ and complete the Health Requirements Agreement.
Michener Health Requirements Health Requirements Agreement Page

8. Log out and close your browser.
Michener Student Portal Log Out Page