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Perfusionists at KHSC work in conjunction with Cardiac Surgeons and Anesthesiologists to assess, plan, implement, evaluate and document the delivery of extracorporeal circulatory support during cardiovascular surgical procedures, ECMO, VADs and intra-aortic balloon counter-pulsation according to national and provincial perfusion standards. Within this role, a perfusionist is required to have excellent communication - verbal and written skills, demonstrate consistency in approachability, clinical excellence, patience, and respectful interactions with skilled diplomacy. A perfusionist will have a proven ability to excel during times of change and role-model effective change management in a dynamic and innovative workplace. The ability to work independently using highly developed critical thinking and reasoning skills for problem-solving will support quality practice, patient and team safety. A perfusionist will commit to life-long learning and partner with learners to effectively teach in the clinical setting. As an employee, a perfusionist will demonstrate knowledge and commitment to the principles of patient and family centered care.


Kingston General Hospital



Assesses, plans, implements, evaluates circulatory support of assigned patients during cardiovascular surgery in collaboration with the Surgeon and Anesthesiologist.
Plans, organizes, establishes priorities based on individual patient needs and scheduled activities and adjusts priorities and activities in réponse to unanticipated events.
Performs therapeutic measures as prescribed by the physician including the following
Drug Administration by injection while on bypass from the following classes of drugs: Symathomimetics- catecholamines and non-catecholamines, adrenergic blockers, ganglionic blockers, opioids, non opioids, muscle relaxants, nitrates, diuretics, antiarrythmics, anticoagulants, phosphodiesterase inhibitors, arterial and venous vasodilators, inotropes, antifibrinolytics, and glucose mediating drugs (insulin and dextrose)
Blood Product Administration
Oxygen Administration
Inhalational Anaesthetic Gas administration.
Responsible for the operation of Cell Saver and the following therapies in consultation with the physician: Red Blood Cell Sequestration
In consultation with the physician:
Assume responsibility for the operation of intra-aortic balloon counter-pulsation device
Initiation, “setting of timing” and evaluation of temporary pacing devices in the cardiac OR
Operation of ventricular assistive devices and ECMO e.g. Cardiohelp
Patient point of care testing (POCT) analysis and adjustment of therapies
Manage continuous quality assurance planning using a variety of quality improvement tools including Perfusion Data Files.
Participates in the development of risk management strategies for all procedures relating to Perfusion including, but not exclusive to, the following special procedure areas:
Massive air embolism protocol, oxygenator changeout, split raceway tubing, power failure, gas failure, water failure, water to blood leak, transfusion reaction, cold agglutinins, disseminated intravascular coagulopathy, protamine reaction, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, pregnancy, malignant hyperthermia, Jehovah’s Witness patients, accidental hypothermia, obsess and massive patients, sever renal disease, cyanmethemaglobinemia, aortic aneurisms, and heparin induced thrombocytopenia.
Participates as a member of the patient transport team and maintain competency in air and ground transport.
Is scheduled for and participates in on-call shifts and duties as assigned.
Documents (charting for IABP, Pump cases, Long Term Support and cell salvage) therapy delivered in a competent manner using the KGH Perfusion Documentation Forms.
Provides teaching and participates in all learning experiences for hospital staff as requested and participates in Clinical Phase education for Perfusion Students from the Michener Institute.
Communicates and consults with physicians and other healthcare professional as required. Practices as a member of the healthcare team within his/her scope of practice.
As a member of the team, participates in the evaluation of new products and equipment in a clinical and/or laboratory settings as directed by the manager.
All perfusionists will act as a preceptor and/or mentor for new perfusionists and enable learning of the cardiac team’s new staff.
When required, perform minor maintenance of the perfusion equipment and alerting appropriate personnel (e.g. clinical engineering) to potential or immediate repair needs.
Maintains adequate perfusion stock, inventory, and orders equipment as per the Policy and Procedures.
Sustains an environment which is conducive to the safety and well-being of the patients, visitors and staff by following established KHSC policies and procedures with special attention to personal compliance with OR dress code and routine practices using personal protective equipment.
Continuous learning for competency of practice is required. Expectations include participation in in-services, education events and/or conferences.
Perfusionists will participate in departmental, program, organization and/or professional committees or work groups as needed/requested.



Certified or Certification eligible by The Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion required.
Certification by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion is an asset.
Proven ability to attend work regularly.
Satisfactory criminal reference check and vulnerable sector search required.


Temporary Full-Time Position (Approximately 7 months); Rotating Shifts; On-Call





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