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Feet First Clinic has been operating since September 2009 providing high quality foot care to the residents of Bloor West Village and surrounding area.Our goal is to provide excellent foot care that will make feet healthier and reduce any aches and pains. We have two treatment rooms that we use on a daily basis to eliminate large amounts of waiting time. Our staff members respect all needs, and we strive to provide professional service from start to finish.


2481 Bloor Street West


A chiropodist assesses, diagnoses and treats problems of the foot and lower leg (below the knee). Their specialist skills focus on tending infections, ailments, defects and injuries of the foot and lower leg, as well as treating foot and nail conditions related to other major health disorders (e.g. diabetes).

Chiropoidsts offer treatment for a range of dermatological and other foot-related problems.

Treatment regimes provided by chiropodist include ointments and non-prescription medication for minor conditions. For bigger issues, solutions include the prescription medications, orthotics, cryotherapy, electrosurgery, ultrasonics, specialised dressings and exercise therapies.

Duties include:
- Assessing, diagnosing and treating abnormalities and diseases related to the foot and lower limb in people of all ages;
- Providing treatment of disorders among high-risk patient groups such as the elderly and those with increased risk of amputation;
- providing advice and making referrals as appropriate;
- using therapeutic and surgical techniques to treat foot and lower leg issues (e.g. carrying out nail and soft tissue surgery using local anaesthesia);
- prescribing, producing and fitting orthotics and other aids and appliances;
- delivering foot health education to the elderly, children and those with medical problems such as osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis;
- working closely with other medical practitioners such as doctors, nurses, health visitors, physiotherapists and complementary practitioners in the provision of multidisciplinary team delivery of healthcare;
- understanding the mechanics of the body in order to preserve, restore and develop movement;
- working with men and women in sports to address sports-related injuries to legs and feet;
- using a range of equipment including surgical instruments, dressings, treatment tables, orthotic (inner sole) materials, lasers, grinders, shaping equipment, x-ray and video gait-analysis equipment (which allows for analysis of patients' walking or running problems).


- Diploma in Chiropody from the Michener Institute, Registered member in good standing

- Aims to provide quality customer service

- Excellent interpersonal communication skills



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