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Job Title: CT Technologists. Company: Multi-modality medical imaging clinic (NEW – confidential for now) Interim hiring 4-6 CT technologists Location: Brampton and Scarborough and Ottawa (offices will be in these locations) Reports to: Manager (Chief Tech) = TBD Timeframe: Start date – Fall 2023. CT Technologist Description: To help us grow a company. We are seeking an experienced CT professional to join our entrepreneurial venture. Are you a patient focused CT Technologist with excellent clinical skills looking for a great environment and growing team? This could be the opportunity for you! We are looking to employ a skilled CT technologist to operate our CT scanning equipment and capture diagnostic images that are of good technical quality. The CT Technologist’s responsibilities include taking inventory of radiologic supplies, ensuring that the radiologic equipment is in good working order, and adhering to established guidelines on hygiene and infection control. You should also be able to monitor patients throughout the scanning procedure to identify and respond to any allergic reactions to the contrast agents.




CT Technologist Responsibilities:
• Using computerized tomography equipment to capture diagnostic images of patients’ internal organs and tissues.
• Appropriately positioning patients to scan specific areas of their bodies.
• Performing regular warm-up sequences on the CT scanner to prolong the life of the X-ray tubes.
• Sterilizing radiologic equipment to ensure the safety of patients.
• Correctly interpreting doctors' written scanning instructions.
• Administering radiocontrast agents to patients to enhance the visibility of internal organs and tissues.
• Evaluating CT scans to determine whether they are of good technical quality.
• Explaining scanning procedures to patients and providing reassurance and support as required.


CT Technologist Requirements:
• Graduated from a Canadian accredited radiological technology or nuclear medicine program within 3 years of PLAR application and whose applicable courses have been reviewed and approved by the CAMRT. Graduated from the accredited education program within the last 3 years.
• The ability to stand for extended periods.
• Strong technical skills.
• Excellent problem-solving skills.
• Effective communication skills.

Start Date



44 hours a week


$48 - 50 an hour


Company culture: Professional and entrepreneurial (working with doctors)

Headquarters: Toronto
Team size/peers: This will grow to 25 which will include receptionists/assistant techs/ultrasound techs/X-ray techs/radiologists/CT techs/MRI techs
Why is this a great opportunity?
• Growing company
• Make good money
• Entrepreneurial opportunity to build your career (no call requirements)
Role Locations: Scarborough or Brampton (in the offices in Ontario) and one in Ottawa
1) Assessment with recruiter
2) Video call with hiring manager – 30 minutes
3) Longer discussion - F2F/video with hiring manager or team member
4) Background check/references
5) Offer



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