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At Orangeville Foot Clinic, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent, personalized foot care, helping people of all ages achieve optimal functionality and quality of life. Our culture champions integrity, high work ethics, and accountability. We value a supportive environment where team members collaborate openly.Handling challenges gracefully, we stay humble and non-judgmental, fostering minimal power distance. This approach creates a respectful and approachable space for our team and patients. We're committed to maintaining this culture, seeking individuals who share our professional integrity and personal growth values.Are you a passionate, patient-focused chiropodist seeking a stable, fulfilling career in a friendly, supportive setting? Orangeville Foot Clinic, a well-established and thriving practice in Orangeville, Ontario, seeks a dedicated professional like you to join our team.Why Choose Us?- Exceptional Compensation: Competitive $100,000 annual salary with a 15% performance incentive on revenue exceeding quarterly targets.- Balanced Work-Life: Regular working hours, Monday to Friday, ensuring stability and routine.Supportive Environment: Benefit from a low-stress, friendly atmosphere, free from big city hassles, with easy-going and respectful patients.- Team Spirit: Work with a stable and supportive team, valuing equality, integrity, and accountability.- Community Connection: Engage with a culturally rich patient base that supports local businesses.- Health Benefits: Health insurance is available.- Immediate Start: The position is available for immediate hiring.- Full training and support for seamless integration into our team.- Considerable autonomy in patient care, with supportive resources readily available.- Opportunities for long-term career development and professional advancement.


Orangeville, Ontario


Key Responsibilities:
- Providing comprehensive chiropody services, including assessments and treatments.
- Engaging in continuous learning and application of new techniques and technologies.
- Demonstrating strong interpersonal skills and contributing positively to our team culture.

Purpose of the position:
To deliver exceptional patient care and contribute to the clinic’s success. You'll be responsible for treating scheduled patients, enhancing retention, and effectively communicating management plans.


- Diploma of Advanced Chiropody or equivalent
- Registration with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario
- Basic CPR certification, Hepatitis B immunization
- Excellent communication skills, teamwork, and evidence-based knowledge.
- Proficiency in computer use and ability to adapt to a dynamic work environment.


$100,000 + performance bonus


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