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Toronto, ON


LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services is seeking a Medical Lab Technologist to join our team in Toronto, Ontario.

Our Medical Lab Technologists provide accurate and timely interpretive and diagnostic specimen testing and reporting. Through accuracy, quality, efficiency and expediting test results, you will contribute to patient well-being and the achievement of better health outcomes. This is a great role for a hands-on, detail-oriented individual who thrives in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

Job Purpose:

Responsible for accurate and timely interpretive/diagnostic specimen testing and reporting of results, in compliance with LifeLabs Policies and Procedures. Demonstrates LifeLabs Vision and Values in all activities

Key Responsibilities:

- Responsible for carrying out work activities related to COVID-19 testing including automated RNA extractions and RT-PCR
-Ensure all duties and responsibilities are prioritized and handled with accuracy and efficiency providing quality results.
- Perform, interpret and release RT-PCR results following Policies and Procedures as documented.
- Identify incidents and non-conformances, participate in developing effective corrective action plans and escalate as appropriate.
- Ensure confidentiality of patient information.
- Use personal protective equipment (e.g. gloves, lab coats) as specified in EHS procedures.
- Ensure appropriate handling and inventory levels of laboratory supplies.
- Maintain a clean, safe and orderly work environment.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance:
- Maintain membership in good standing with the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO).
- Maintain and demonstrate technical competence in molecular laboratory skills
- Perform assigned diagnostic testing including Quality Control, Quality Assurance, equipment maintenance, proficiency testing, Quality Management, following LifeLabs procedures.
- Recognize discrepancies and take appropriate action.
- Perform self audits and submit procedure manuals revisions.
- Participate in continuing education opportunities.
- Manage the disposal of all laboratory waste as specified in EHS procedures.
- Stay informed and comply, with all safety regulations as they relate to the laboratory environment (i.e. WHMIS, TDG, LifeLabs Safety manual).
- Keep up to date with information shared through the different modes of communication (e.g. memos, LifeLabs Policies, LifeLabs Procedures (SOPs), IntRlab and MEWS communications, updates, bulletin boards).

Communication/Team work:
- Attend and actively participate in team huddles.
- Ensure effective communication when dealing with leadership team, support resources, team members.
Keep up to date with information shared through the different modes of communication (e.g. memos, LifeLabs websites, updates, bulletin boards).
- Ability to accept and provide constructive criticism.

- Experience with molecular lab techniques including working with micropipets and microwell plates, use of RT-PCR instrumentation and complex liquid handling systems
- Skilled with pipetting small volumes, complex reagent preparation, DNA/RNA extractions, calculating volumes and concentrations)
- Advanced computational skills, proficient in creating and manipulating excel worksheets and macros, Word documents and SOP writing
- Experience with IntRlab and MEWS is an asset.

Are You a Good Fit?
LifeLabs is seeking individuals who can work collaboratively in a fast-paced team environment, while adhering to LifeLabs’ standards of safety, accuracy and efficiency.

5 Technical Elements:

1. Prior experience in a clinical or research genetics/molecular laboratory

2. Hands on experience with DNA/RNA extraction, complex PCR and reagent setup, and post-PCR interpretation on RT-PCR platforms

3. Theoretical and hands-on experience of molecular lab techniques including working with micropipets and microwell plates, use of RT-PCR instrumentation and complex liquid handling systems

4. Advanced computational skills, especially excel-based spreadsheets and formulas

5. Experience with MEWS and Intrlab reporting

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Departments and Shifts Hiring For:
- Microbiology (Part Time, Overnight; Full Time, Overnight;
- Genetics (Full time, Flexible)
- Hematology (Full Time, Evening)




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