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MyHealth Centre is a unique collaborative partnership of health care professionals focusing on delivering outstanding quality and innovation to ambulatory care. We are looking for a Nuclear Medicine Technologist to work in our Independent Health Facilities located in Toronto, Ontario.


Toronto, ON


Position Summary:
• Responsible for ensuring patient identification, safety and preparation are correct prior to a scan while maintaining patient confidentiality.
•Follows ALARA principal.
• Ability to perform Nuclear Medicine Procedures including radio pharmaceutical preparation, bone and bone densitometry scans, brain, thyroid, liver/spleen and RBD liver/spleen scans, hepatobiliary, renal scans, lung, gallium scans, venograms, dacrocystograms, testicular scans, rest and stress MUGA’s, rest and stress myocardial imaging.
• Ensures all quality control assessments are performed as required including maintaining proper records of Quality Control Procedures.
• Takes all reasonable precautions and work in compliance with related policies, health and safety legislation and best practices.
• Follows procedures for proper equipment maintenance are completed in accordance with department standards.
• Ensuring equipment and instruments are performing in an efficient and effective manner
• Complies with all Company and Government regulations
• Preparing reports as required maintaining all records for compliance with CNSC regulations.
• Other duties as assigned.


Key Qualifications:
• Current CAMRT membership
• CMRTO registered
• 1-2 years of related experience
• Current CPR certificate
• Knowledge and proficiency of Nuclear Medicine procedure and operating regulations.
• Maintain competence in all aspects of Nuclear Medicine technology as may be required by the professional bodies regulating this profession.

• 0-2 years of related experience
• Demonstrated commitment to continuing education and training
• Demonstrate effective decision making skills and problem solving abilities
• Ability to work independently as well as part of a team


Full time/Part time/Casual


Salary is negotiable and based on years of experience


• Salary is negotiable and based on years of experience
• Competitive Wages, Benefits, Sick days, Training and Development opportunities

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