Aging Well Suzuki Style

In September 2019, David Suzuki and his team from The Nature of Things met with Jane Mattson, Manager, Continuing Education, to film an episode showcasing Michener’s frail aging suit.

In this episode, which aired on February 28, Suzuki takes viewers along on his journey to discover if he’s still alive and kicking at 83 years old because of the choices he’s made, or if he’s just been lucky with good genes. “I’m hoping to find out what’s working, what’s not, what I can do and probably should have done to age well,” he says.

At 22:15 in the episode, Suzuki takes author Carl Honoré for a walk, a man 30 years his junior. But their age difference is cancelled when Honoré puts on Michener’s aging-simulation suit, designed for health care providers to understand the limitations faced by many seniors. “I have never seen anything as dramatic as the conversion of this tall, good-looking guy …[is] literally reduced to this old man,” says Suzuki. Watch the full episode here.