Alumni Board Update – August 2023

Welcome to the August issue of Alumni News. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. In June, we celebrated the graduating class of 2023 during convocation. While I was not able to attend in person, I was present virtually. I spent the few days prior to the event recording my video address hoping to convey my joy and best wishes to our newest graduates and lifelong Michener alumni.

As I was recording my video, I had a sense of what the graduates were feeling at the ceremony … a mix of anticipation, some nerves and relief at being done. But just as I was in their shoes about a decade ago, I also remember feeling excited and ready for the challenge and reward of entering the healthcare profession. As we know, frontline healthcare workers are facing challenges from various corners, so it is a critical time for new graduates. We look forward to welcoming you and working alongside you.

I will end by wishing you all a happy summer and look forward to welcoming Michener’s newest cohort of students in September.

Ruvette Coelho, Chair, Alumni Board
Radiation Therapy 2011