Development is its Own Reward

As an Associate Radiological Technology Professor, Taran Lam felt a pull to improve the quality of her student’s learning experience. In the past, when Taran wanted to teach her class about catheterization and rectal tube insertion, she turned to the videos that come with the course textbooks. After some critical examination, she realized that these videos did not properly convey the procedures in the detail required.

“I decided to create new videos for the students since there are several more steps in the examination process that aren’t discussed in the videos we currently use,” says Taran. “I also wanted to create a step-by-step video to ensure consistency in teaching methods and evaluation, since there are several different instructors in the labs.”

VIA- stephanie and bertha
From left to right: Susan Weltz, Stephanie Nardella, Bertha Cheng, Taran Lam

Taran enlisted two volunteers from her program – second year radiological technology students, Stephanie Nardella and Bertha Cheng – to help create the videos. The task: to create a professional instructional video focussing on sensitive procedures to help other students study for practical assessments. Stephanie and Bertha were more than happy to accept the challenge.

“I saw this as a good opportunity to enhance my skills, while being able to make a contribution to my department,” says Stephanie. “These are fun experiences that you don’t get in class, and they really enhance your overall educational experience.”

Bertha agrees. She explains how creating this video helped her gain confidence in her skills as a leader and a professional.

“I challenged myself because doing this video took me out of my comfort zone,” she says. “This experience allowed me to practice not only my technical skills, but also my communication skills, which are very important in a clinical setting.”

Taran and the rest of the class were very impressed with the video. She attributes much of the success to the hard work and professionalism of these students. For their efforts to help improve learning, Bertha and Stephanie received a Values in Action Award, which are given to members of the Michener community who go above and beyond to demonstrate Michener’s values.

“It feels wonderful to be acknowledged for our work, and it motivates me to be engaged even more with my profession,” says Stephanie.

Bertha agreed. “Michener is such a special place because you have opportunities to really get acquainted with your professors and participate in special activities like this.”