Launching The Institute for Education Research

Launch of The Research Institue of Education ResearchOn September 12, 2019, members of the Michener and UHN community gathered to celebrate the launch of the 7th UHN institute: The Institute for Education Research (TIER) at UHN.

The reception was held at the DeGaspris Conservatory and included presentations by institute Co-Directors Dr. Ann Russell and Dr. Nikki Woods, and Institute Director Dr. Brian Hodges. Each speaker shared their excitement for the initiative and the many ways in which they expect TIER to impact the health sciences professions – whether through its unique focus on education research and emphasis on the relation between quality education and care; its future-oriented vision and potential to bridge the gap between education, research, and practice; or its integrated and inclusive approach to fostering opportunities for experts to collaborate in producing innovative research.

Dr. Kevin Smith and Dr. Brad Wouters also shared their thoughts on the impact they expect this institute to have within the health sciences field.

“Achieving our vision of leading the world in transforming health care education through experimentation, creativity and curiosity will take time and an unwavering commitment,” says Dr. Ann Russell. “But this is a commitment the Co-Directors are prepared and eager to make.”

Over the course of the institute’s first year, members can look forward to partaking in a variety of research symposia and workshops that will enable them to advance to new levels in their pursuits, while also driving health care education research and practice forward. Scientists, educators and students are all welcome to join TIER’s community.

A special thanks to the student volunteers and current members of TIER, Michener and UHN who helped to make the evening possible.

For more information about TIER and membership eligibility, visit TIER’s website.