Michener Institute creates new program in digital health and data analytics

The Michener Institute of Education at UHN is creating a new full-time program to meet the needs of the healthcare system for digitally-literate health professionals.

The new Digital Health and Data Analytics Program is designed to be pragmatic, practical and job oriented – anticipating the needs of the workplace of the future and using the best education science and methodologies to meet those needs. A combination of in-class teaching and hands-on learning at high-profile public institutions and businesses will give graduates the skills and knowledge to care for patients in an increasingly machine and data-driven healthcare environment.

“If we look at what’s happening in healthcare currently, digital health, technology and artificial intelligence are already changing clinical practice and healthcare delivery,” says Harvey Weingarten, Principal of Michener’s School of Applied Health Sciences. “Our consultations have continually reinforced that there is a serious need for digitally literate and data savvy individuals who understand how healthcare systems work and how healthcare is now delivered.”

Key components of the curriculum include:

  • Digital health, including virtual care, simulation and virtual reality
  • Data science, including the analysis and use of clinical data
  • Machine learning, AI and robotics, including personalized medicine and ethics
  • Project management, product development and change management
  • Design thinking, including user experience
  • Hands-on learning, including practicums and placements

The program is geared toward healthcare providers, graduate students and IT professionals who want to advance their career in healthcare and work on cutting edge digital, analytics and AI healthcare initiatives. The program will be delivered entirely online. Students can sub-specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence and robotics, and can exit after four successful semesters, having met their Post-Diploma Certificate requirements. Those students continuing with the program will have two semesters of workplace practicum experience in addition to a possible sub-specialty course in order to complete the six-semester Advanced Diploma program.

This new program is grounded in Michener’s education strategy to deepen and expand the School of Applied Health Sciences through strategic partnerships and new programs. The development of this program has evolved across several years by building on artificial intelligence webinars, AI implementation in the Chiropody Clinic and the Continuing Education Artificial Intelligence program.

The program assembled an international Program Advisory Council (PAC) chaired by Dr. David Wiljer, Executive Director of Education, Technology and Innovation at UHN. PAC endorsed the overarching program outcomes and reinforced that there is an immediate need for digitally literate and data savvy individuals who understand how healthcare systems work and how healthcare is now delivered. More importantly, PAC has informed curriculum development and expressed interest in hiring graduates. The program framework and curriculum are currently underway using the rigorous academic development process Michener applies to all of its high-quality programs.

The Digital Health and Data Analytics programs will begin in September 2021. Enrolment for the full-time program will open in April 2021. Interested candidates can email dhda@michener.ca for more information.