Michener Institute creates new programs in digital health, data analytics and artificial intelligence

The Michener Institute of Education at UHN is creating new programs in digital health and data analytics to meet Canada’s need for digitally-literate professionals in the healthcare system and beyond.

The new full-time Digital Health and Data Analytics Program is designed to be pragmatic, practical and job oriented. The program will be offered online, with both asynchronous and synchronous elements, and in a flexible manner to accommodate working professionals and emulate the work environments graduates are likely to encounter in future jobs. Graduates will leave the program with a broad but deep understanding of key concepts and issues in both digital science and healthcare, and with a skill set that qualifies them for jobs in both the public and private sector, and in healthcare or other settings where an appreciation and capacity to understand and use data and digital techniques is critical to job success and to problem solving.

Key components of the curriculum include:

  • Digital health, including virtual care, simulation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality;
  • Data science, including the analysis and application of data to introduce innovative and strategic solutions to healthcare challenges;
  • Ethical use of data, privacy considerations and regulatory constraints on the accumulation and use of big data;
  • Machine learning, and robotics;
  • How digital technologies facilitate and promote personalized medicine and emerging clinical treatment modalities;
  • Project management, product development and change management;
  • Design thinking and implementation science; and
  • Hands-on learning, including practicums and placements.

The program is geared toward students who want to advance their career in and beyond healthcare and work on cutting edge digital health, data science and AI initiatives. Students will already hold a post-secondary credential; IT professionals interested in careers in healthcare; or healthcare providers who want to better understand and use digital technologies and data in the healthcare system.

Graduates will learn how AI, data science, design thinking and change management can solve problems facing a variety of industries, and promote positive change that is informed by evidence and driven by data.

The Digital Health and Data Analytics programs will begin in September 2021. Enrolment for the full-time program will open in early Spring, 2021.

As Canada’s only “school within a hospital” dedicated exclusively to healthcare education, Michener is uniquely positioned to prepare healthcare professionals in these emerging fields. Michener’s new program will support healthcare professionals at every point in their career pathway using virtual learning, workplace learning, data simulation and modelling, micro-credentialing and collaboration with other institutions.

To learn more or request program updates, please contact DHDA@michener.ca.