Michener Partners with Dr. Farah Essa Academy to Bring Ultrasound Program to Pakistan

Michener’s Continuing Education department, in collaboration with the Dr. Farah Essa Academy, is launching a new Advanced Diploma in Ultrasound program in Pakistan, starting in September 2024.

This program will combine Michener’s robust online theoretical education with the Dr. Farah Essa Academy’s facilitation of scanning and clinical training in Pakistan. The program consists of seven semesters over two-and-a-half years and will serve as a launchpad for future healthcare professionals in the region.

Jane Mattson, Director of Continuing Education and Ivetka Vasil, Continuing Education Manager at Michener, played a key part in formalizing the partnership with the Academy in Pakistan. Jane says, “We are excited for this first cohort of students in Pakistan, and we are proud of what we have achieved together.”

The Advanced Diploma in Ultrasound program has run successfully for over many years in the Caribbean, and this provided a strong foundation for the new program in Pakistan. The goal of Michener’s international ultrasound programs is to partner with universities and institutes overseas to help produce competent and compassionate graduates who will excel in their field and contribute to a profession that is in demand in their home country.

Sheena Bhimji-Hewitt, a Michener faculty member and instructor in the Ultrasound Caribbean program, played a pivotal role in forging this new partnership in Pakistan. “Ivetka and I had been discussing the global expansion of the ultrasound program in Continuing Education, and I was keenly aware of her interest in bringing this program to other parts of the world. That’s when Farah first came to mind — I ended up introducing them to each other.”

As a 2002 Michener grad, Dr.  Farah Essa knew that Michener was a natural fit for the ultrasound program in Pakistan. “Michener has a solid reputation for imparting high-level training to their graduates for health sciences programs, and a high employment rate. That’s what immediately attracted me.”

Returning to Pakistan in 2017 after earning her master’s degree in clinical education from the University of Edinburgh, Dr.  Farah Essa identified gaps in standardized medical education in Pakistan – particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The launch of Dr. Farah Essa Academy was driven by the aim to offer more structured education, upskill healthcare workers, and empower marginalized communities.

The Academy’s vision and mission is to empower women, transgender individuals, differently-abled individuals, and Pakistani youth, ensuring that they have the right skills and maximal earning potential.

“With this new partnership with Michener, we will be able to attract and train the best professionals in Pakistan, thereby contributing in increasing the standard of healthcare delivery across Pakistan and around the globe.”