Student Experience at Michener

At Michener, we’re committed to exceptional student experiences both inside and outside the classroom or clinical setting. Find out how current students get the most out of their time here at Michener.

Get Involved:

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Meet people by joining a committee or student group:


  • Student Council
  • Charity Committee
  • Medical Laboratory Student Society
  • Medical Radiation Sciences Student Society
  • Community Volunteering


“Student Council has given me the opportunity to meet and network with so many different people around Michener. This goes beyond just classmates and students, but also includes various faculty members and Michener employees in the Student Success Network and other departments. I think of my involvement as not only a résumé ​booster, but also as an opportunity for growth; growth for myself, for my classmates, and for the Michener community.” (Phillip Bailie, Michener Student Council President)


“Being part of the Charity Committee has allowed me to connect with so many like-minded individuals with the common goal of helping those in need. Their unwavering support and positivity is infectious, and it motivates me to continue charitable work in my future as a Respiratory Therapist.  It has allowed me to achieve a work-life balance, which is extremely important to me.” (Paras Jain, Charity Committee Vice President)

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Get Active:

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Michener’s facilities offer students recreational activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  • Gymnasium for intramurals and pick up sports such as basketball, indoor soccer, floor hockey and volleyball
  • Squash court
  • Strength Training area with free weights, plate weights and pin-selected weight machines
  • Cardio area with a flat screen TV
  • Day lockers, saunas and showers 
  • Fully-equipped residence attached to the building

“As an out-of-province student who has lived in residence, I can definitely say that the facilities available to me have certainly enriched my life in a number of ways. Having access to a full fitness facility, including a weight room, saunas and a gymnasium has made working out easy to fit into my schedule. My life in residence has been a great experience. Everything from orientation, to having routine maintenance done in my room, has been well organized. Choosing to live in residence is a decision I would definitely make again!”  (Colin H., Genetics, Class of 2016)

“For me, Intramurals are a vital part of my Michener experience. The students involved have an opportunity to meet others from different programs, and interact with them in a fun and competitive environment. Participating in these activities has positively impacted my time here at Michener as it has become my “de-stressor”.  I love intramurals and it has made my whole experience here a more memorable one.” (Anandaganan P., Medical Laboratory Science, Class of 2016)

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Get Support:

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Michener offers many services to support students through their time at Michener:

“Counsellors at the Michener Institute work with students to ensure that students can focus on school, and work with the underlying issues that are impacting them. Overall, we help students manage life and school. Our goal is to get them through their programs and help them heal as best we can.” (Degan Davis, Michener Head Counsellor)


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Get Informed:

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The library, officially named the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), supports learning at Michener by providing resources, facilities and information services

  • Access to books, journals and multimedia onsite and online
  • Access to referencing and subject guides
  • Access to printing, photocopying, and scanning
  • Interlibrary Loans services
  • Evening open lab access to a fully equipped Anatomy & Physiology Resource Centre
  • Services for Distance Learning students

“Whether students are looking for a collaborative or individual study space (where they can keep their laptop and phone charged), there is a spot for them in the LRC!  Anywhere in the library, students have a range of resources at their fingertips. For example, the Dry Lab makes anatomy models and equipment available to students outside the classroom. In addition to our special collections, the library provides access to online resources that are available to students whether they are in the library or off-site. Staff are always available to help with research and are constantly evaluating resources so that the services are adapted to best support the various ways students learn at Michener.” (Winnie Ho, staff at the Michener Learning Resource Centre)

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