Michener Student Wins Top Presentation Prize at Clinical Perfusion Annual General Meeting

Cardiovascular Perfusion

How do Cardiovascular Perfusionists know when to give blood via transfusion? This was the question at the heart of May Angela Nguyen-Vu’s award-winning presentation on the role of blood transfusion algorithms during cardiopulmonary bypass. May received the Scott McTeer Student Presentation award at the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion Annual General Meeting held in Vancouver, British Columbia this past fall.

May is a Cardiovascular Perfusion student in her clinical semester at The Michener Institute. May and her research partner Amanda Spriel presented their study entitled “Role of Blood Transfusion Algorithm During Cardiopulmonary Bypass.”

“We wanted to understand how to effectively practice perfusion and how the decision is made whether to give blood via transfusion,” says May. Throughout their research, May and Amanda surveyed hospital perfusion departments across Canada. Their primary objective was to determine current transfusion practices in hospitals and the usage of blood transfusion algorithms in determining when to give blood.

“I think our presentation served as a good snapshot of blood transfusion practices today,” May says. “It brought attention to the current transfusion practices across Canadian hospitals.”

Michael Aubin, Professor of Cardiovascular Perfusion at Michener, was impressed by the students’ primary research and presentation. He notes that the recognition of this award was well deserved because the students went above and beyond the requirements of their clinical research course.

“May and Amanda’s research explored an important topic in the Cardiovascular Perfusion field,” says Michael. “Implementing an algorithm aligns with the contemporary practices of using data to enhance patient care.”

Michener was well represented at the CSCP Annual General Meeting through student presentations, a joint poster with UHN and the presence of Continuing Education staff and alumni. Faculty and Students would like to acknowledge that this initiative was made possible with the support of the Michener Student Professional Development Grant.