The final Michener/Laurentian University Radiation Therapy cohort completes their program

The last cohort of the joint Michener/Laurentian University Radiation Therapy advanced diploma/BSc has completed their program with the final student officially graduating this week. This moment marks the end of an important and prolific partnership between Michener and Laurentian that began in 2003 and led to almost 200 graduates. This partnership was also an important step in Michener supporting the healthcare and health education needs in northern Ontario – and this support continues today.

Laurentian University cancelled the Radiation Therapy program in April 2021 as part of Laurentian’s academic program restructuring. To support the enrolled students, Michener presented a plan to Laurentian, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the Ministry of Health. This plan was approved, which meant that all enrolled students could complete the program and graduate on time to become essential members of the interprofessional cancer care team.

Alfred Lam is a professor in Michener’s Radiation Therapy program and worked closely with the Laurentian students. “These graduates, shaped by the program, exhibit a unique perspective influenced by the needs of Northern Ontario,” says Alfred. “Despite its modest size, the program fostered highly motivated individuals.”

There are many people who supported the Laurentian students throughout their learning journey and played a significant part in their success. From Michener’s Radiation Therapy faculty and staff to the clinical partners across the province to the alumni who represent Michener and our values every day, we thank everyone who contributed to this program and cheered on our Michener/Laurentian students.

As these grads move on in their careers, the Radiation Therapy department is proud to see this legacy of skilled professionals who practice across Ontario, Canada and globally. And for instructors like Alfred, “these grads are now colleagues who I am proud to consider fellow Radiation Therapists.”