Why Research Matters

As the federal election draws closer, Michener is pleased to be taking part in Research Canada’s Your Candidates, Your Health campaign. The campaign promotes health research and life sciences industries in Canada by advocating for increased funding for health research and a supportive health policy environment.

We produced a video to raise awareness of the role that health technologists play in the health care system, and how investing in health research means supporting discovery of the best medical treatments and tests that our graduates will deliver.

Michener CEO Maureen Adamson also contributed a blog to the campaign, which will appear in rotation with other blogs. Maureen says the timing of this campaign, and our deepening connection with Research Canada, is very much in step with our proposed integration with Canada’s primary research hub.

“Research plays a critical role in every aspect of the health care spectrum, including how we prepare the health care labour force to adapt to scientific and systemic change,” says Maureen.

“Having a solid research foundation for our health care system helps us constantly adapt curriculum to advances in health technology, ensuring new practitioners are ahead of the curve and anticipating changes.”