Michener collaborates with The Change Foundation on the Experiencing Aging project

Health care services are created with the patients in mind, right?

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Would your perspective change if you had limited mobility, couldn’t hear properly and had restricted vision? That’s what many seniors experience every day.

It’s time for a reality check.

Introducing the Experiencing Aging video series, created by The Change Foundation in partnership with The Michener Institute of Education at UHN. The videos were created to give a glimpse of how we can improve health care experiences for aging patients and their family caregivers. See what their experiences can look like in three different health care settings: home care, primary care and the emergency department.

Emergency Care: Coming Soon

In the latest post on the Michener blog, find out how Michener’s Working With Seniors program helped inspire The Change Foundation’s Experiencing Aging project. Guest blogger Cathy Fooks, President and CEO of The Change Foundation and former member of the Michener Board of Governors, explains how Michener’s curriculum led to the campaign, and how it hopes to inspire others to drive change in our health care system.