The Michener Institute welcomes new Chair of the Board of Governors: Dr. Bob Howard, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Michael’s Hospital

Dr. Bob Howard, Chair, Michener Board of GovernorsThe Michener Institute is excited to welcome Dr. Bob Howard as Chair of the Board of Governors. Dr. Howard is the President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, a teaching and research hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto and a clinical partner of The Michener Institute.

“I am delighted to have Dr. Bob Howard assume the role as Chair of the Board of Governors of The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences,” says Maureen Adamson, President and CEO of The Michener Institute.

“Bob is someone I have immense respect for and I have watched him lead for many years. He will be an excellent Chair for our organization at one of the most exciting times in the history of the Michener Institute.”

Dr. Howard takes on the position of Chair at a time of strategic change for The Michener Institute. He looks forward to helping Michener deploy a renewed strategic direction that expands our ability to deliver unique education solutions fundamental to health system quality, transformation and sustainability.

“Michener is uniquely positioned to respond to evolving healthcare needs,” Dr. Howard says. “We are nimble and able to develop new educational programs to meet specific, unique needs. To be nimble, to respond quickly and to develop things quickly to meet emerging needs is a key differentiator of Michener from virtually any other academic institution in a similar business.”

Partnerships for Healthcare Education

As President and CEO of St. Michael’s Hospital, Dr. Howard understands the value of hospital partnerships in healthcare education.

“We’re committed to it,” he explains. “We are more than delighted to partner with Michener on the education journey and provide practical experiences because that gives us the opportunity to meet young healthcare professionals.”

Every year, Michener sends students from its Chiropody, Respiratory Therapy, Radiological Technology, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and MRI programs to train at St. Michael’s Hospital. Students gain hands-on experience treating patients within the hospital environment, learning skills that will serve them throughout their careers.

“From St. Michael’s point of view, one of our prime areas of recruitment is from the students that actually spend time in our institutions training,” Dr. Howard says. “Michener students are superbly trained. We’re always delighted with the students and the students that we hire are first-class.”

“Michener has strong traditions of excellence in healthcare education. I’m proud to be associated with Michener and I suspect that the students who are in the programs and those who have gone before are pleased and proud of what they’ve learned and what they’ve gotten from Michener. It’s a great institution.”

Dr. Howard takes over from Cliff Nordal as Chair, who will now sit on Michener’s Board of Governors as the Past Chair.