Benefits of Being a Clinical Site

Clinical education provides students with an opportunity to learn from the best in health care, and gives clinical sites the opportunity to assess and recruit the best and brightest from each graduating class. Working with Michener, you will gain access to an unparalleled caliber of students who can hit the ground running and immediately contribute to your organization. Any way you look at it, clinical education is a win-win situation for your site and for the health care system. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to play a vital role in education tomorrow’s health care leaders.  Numbers don’t lie. Take a look and see how participating in clinical education with the Michener Institute can benefit you.

Recruit Top Candidates

Participating in clinical education is a cost-effective way to meet and assess well-prepared candidates for future employment. It gives employers the opportunity to build relationships with students and to attract and retain tomorrow’s top graduates. Participating in clinical education will save money on recruitment since your next qualified worker will already be at your fingertips.

Hiring the Best

When you hire a Michener graduate, you can be confident you are hiring the best. Our comprehensive curriculum, along with experience gained during clinical placement, ensures Michener graduates are able to quickly and confidently transition into staff positions.

Employability Skills

In addition to attaining a high standard of professional proficiency, Michener students are assessed on core skills such as communication, ethical reasoning, self-reflection and conflict resolution. Our innovative curriculum, which includes a simulated clinical semester, ensures students possess the skills and abilities necessary to make a positive contribution to your clinical site and to patient care. They benefit from your knowledge and experience while making valuable additions to your department.

Simulated Experience

The opportunity to practice in a simulated hospital environment better prepares students for what they will encounter when entering clinical practice. This simulated environment is safe and controlled, allowing students to gain confidence and comfort with the application of their knowledge and skills.

High-Quality Talent

Michener students arrive at their clinical placements well educated, mature and prepared to become skilled health care professionals. Prior to entering our competitive programs, students must meet high academic standards and demonstrate they have the interprofessional skills necessary to be successful in today’s health care environment.  As part of our admissions process, applicants participate in Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) which assess a wide range of non-cognitive skills, giving a more holistic view of the applicants’ preparedness for the program and the profession they are working towards.

Other benefits of being a clinical site include:

Status Appointments for your staff

Professional Development for your staff

  • Orientation
  • Professional Development fund for Clinical Coordinators and Adjunct Professors
  • Free tuition for Clinical Educator Certificate
  •  25 % discount for all online Continuing Education course offerings

Recognition for your staff

Formal Recognition

  • Excellence in Clinical Teaching & Supervision Award
  • President’s Award of Excellence in Clinical Education