Clinical Education Model

What is the Clinical Education Model at Michener?clinical education model

All full and part time diploma programs have a clinical component when students gain hands-on experience in the hospital or clinic environment, either through direct patient care or in a laboratory setting.

Why is the Clinical Education Model important for health care students?

In order for Michener to offer health care programs, it must have access to the facilities and professional staff of healthcare institutions and organizations, so that it may offer clinical experience to students enrolled in its programs.  Partner sites have resources necessary for the support of clinical teaching which they make available to Michener for such purposes.

Most programs have a dedicated period of time, usually one or two full semesters, when students are required to be placed in a clinical setting to achieve entry-to-practice clinical competence and professional behaviours as set out by their chosen professions.

The clinical education model is based on an affiliation agreement that defines the responsibilities of both Michener and its partner sites with respect to clinical education and is signed at the corporate levels of the partner sites and Michener.

For each program, the clinical site appoints a clinical coordinator to supervise and evaluate student progression throughout the clinical phase. Michener encourages clinical partners to assign students to other staff members within the department so that they may benefit from working with and learning from a number of other people.

How does Michener support partners using the Clinical Education Model?

Michener provides ongoing support for students and clinical partners through the role of the programs’ Clinical Liaison Officers who are direct links to clinical sites at the department level. They are there to ensure the progression of clinical students and to aid clinical coordinators with any challenges that may arise throughout the placement period.

Ongoing professional development support for clinical staff who work as educators with Michener students is provided through the Clinical Educators’ Certificate series of workshops, the annual Clinical Educators’ PD Day and reduced tuition fees on Continuing Education offerings.