Sponsoring the future of our health care leaders

The Michener Institute is committed to providing students with opportunities to become future health care leaders. Through sponsorship of health care education events such as the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QuIPS) Conference in May 2015 and the Ontario Association for Medical Radiation Sciences (OAMRS) Central Section Spring Education Day in March 2015, Michener provides learning and development opportunities for its students that extend far beyond the classroom.

Partnership with University of Toronto Institute for Healthcare Improvement (UTIHI) gives students opportunities to practice quality improvement

QuIPS is an interdisciplinary conference focused on quality improvement and patient safety. The conference allows students and health care professionals to contribute to discussions of health care improvement and to network with their peers, collaborators and potential employers.

med labThe Michener Institute, with St. Michael’s Hospital and RL Solutions, were platinum sponsors of this year’s Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QuIPS) Conference, hosted by the University of Toronto Institute for Healthcare Improvement (UTIHI) Open School, a chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Through Michener’s sponsorship, Michener students get the opportunity to attend UTIHI quality improvement workshops throughout the year, as well as monthly seminars and the Annual General Meeting.

Marc Potvin, Academic Business Manager at The Michener Institute, says the partnerships with both UTIHI and IHI provide students with practical benefits, such as learning how to lead quality improvement initiatives in health care settings.

“Many hospitals encourage their staff to identify and lead quality improvement initiatives in their work,” he says. “Students can partake in quality improvement projects through observation or participation, and that gives them insight into how quality improvement initiatives are undertaken in the clinical environment.”

In 2014, Michener joined a growing list of organizations in Canada that have adopted the Quality Improvement (QI) curriculum administered by IHI, rolling out the modules across all of its full-time programs. The curriculum teaches students about the transferability of QI concepts, which can be applied from one clinical environment to another. By partnering with the IHI, Michener students gain the foundational knowledge to enhance patient experience, system efficiency and safety through new applications of system design and leadership.

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Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences Membership offers development and networking opportunities for students

In March 2015, Michener sponsored and hosted the Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Science (OAMRS) Central Section Spring Education Day. OAMRS Central Section hosts two education days a year and provides students with free admission, scholarship awards, networking opportunities with clinicians and insight into the inter-professional roles of the different professions.

The event created a space for knowledge-sharing that enriched and promoted lifelong learning. Yusuf Yusuf, a third year radiological technology student, explains how the discussions and presentations enhanced his understanding of imaging’s role in the future of health care.

“The Spring Education Day demonstrated the critical role imaging plays in stroke diagnosis and care,” says Yusuf. “Stroke and other diseases related to the cardiovascular system will only increase in incidence as the Canadian population ages and it is exciting to see how the medical imaging field keeps up.”

OAMRS Central Section hosts two education days a year and encourages student attendance. This year, three Michener students (including Yusuf) were awarded bursaries for their essays on the importance of belonging to professional associations.

“Professional societies are a great resource for health care professionals, since they advocate, educate and provide opportunities to their members,” says Yusuf, reflecting on the key points of his essay. “Essentially, they help professionals add much more to their careers in health care.”

Caroline Souter, Chair of the OAMRS Central Section, agrees.

“Student OAMRS members are given free admission to the Annual General Meeting, access to current articles about developments in practice, and opportunities to join committees that expand their networks,” she says. “Through the professional membership, they will be able to gain access to insurance benefits, community support as well as continuing education opportunities.”

OAMRS is the provincial voice and resource for the professionals of Medical Radiation Sciences. To learn more about becoming a student member, visit http://www.oamrs.org/