Survival Tips from Upper-Year Students

The first week of school is often both an exciting and daunting experience. Especially in an environment as unique as Michener, this means adjusting to new classes, meeting new friends and starting a new journey towards a rewarding career in health care. To help kick off the new school year, the Student Success Network hosted the Survival Tips from Upper-Year Students session on the second day of Orientation 2015. We asked the upper-year student volunteers for their best survival tips for new students.

“Your classmates are an amazing resource. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so sharing knowledge with your peers will only help everyone succeed!” Farrah Dharamshi, Respiratory Therapy

“Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors and ask about anything related to the program and course materials. They are always willing to help their students!” Laura Koo Lam Tseung, Radiation Therapy

“Use all of your resources – from professors, to peers, to lab time. Everyone is here to be successful so use anything and everything that’s given to you.” Amanda Rampersaud, Respiratory Therapy

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re confused, then most likely the rest of the class is too. We’re all here to help each other out. Also, make friends with second years! They are great ambassadors.” Annamaria Pedulla, Radiation Therapy

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes will significantly help your learning.” Bruno Lorusso, Ultrasound

“Time management is key. Be organized with your work by keeping an agenda. Don’t leave studying to the last minute.” Muskaan Kawatra, Medical Laboratory Sciences

“Keep and open mind and get involved! Whether that means participating in classes, joining one of our many school groups and intramurals or attending school functions. Networking is key to survival at Michener and staying involved and meeting new people is the best way to facilitate that.” Shelby Mccarron, Radiation Therapy

More Survival Tips from Upper Year Students

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions!” – Melissa Steers, Ultrasound

“Keep a healthy balance between school and extracurricular activities. Stay on top of your work, while doing things you enjoy to reduce stress and anxiety.” – Kurtis Borland, Chiropody

“Don’t be afraid to approach your instructors whenever you need help or are confused about something. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!” – Mihir Tailor, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology

“Take some time to relax. There’s a lot of stuff coming at you and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but it helps to step away and take a break. You don’t want to burn out.” – Fred Li, Medical Laboratory Sciences

“Get involved! School is more fun that way!” – Katherine Wong, Ultrasound

“Getting involved at Michener as a volunteer or by joining a club or sports team gives you an opportunity to meet new people, blow off some steam and find a healthy balance between school and extracurriculars!” – Baljit Grewal, Respiratory Therapy