Accelerating the adoption of AI in health care

Accelerating the adoption of Artificial Intelligent in health care
This project aims to transform the mindset, the skillset, and the toolset that the healthcare community can bring to AI-enabled practice and care. Please read below for more insight on each pillar and the associated opportunities to engage in AI-Enabled Care.

mindset iconAs part of this project, we will leverage the insights of healthcare providers, administrators, data scientists, and AI researchers to consider, establish, and foster the mindset that will empower us to appreciate and inform how we collectively work towards AI-Enabled Care.

The concepts of AI have been swirling around healthcare for a number of years now, and in some contexts, the related strategies are being explored and even implemented in practice. Most of us in healthcare have been exposed to AI in society, often not truly recognizing it as being AI. As we begin to interface with both the technologies and their impact in our clinical environments, it may give us pause to ask ourselves some questions:

  • Am I aware of the ways in which AI will be integrated into my practice?
  • How will my profession or role be impacted by AI, and how will organizations prepare for these shifts?
  • How will Interprofessional teams work differently with AI?
  • How can I be confident my patients will continue to receive safe and high quality patient-centered care in an AI-enabled world?
  • How can my clinical expertise be put to ideal use in ensuring such responsible use of AI?

To help transform the mindset of the healthcare community, the project team created a series of symposia.

skillset iconThis project aims to establish and coordinate the evidence-based forums to tailor these skillsets to appropriate audiences, from point of care clinicians to AI leaders.

Technology, including AI, is only as good as the people and systems around it. In order to truly achieve AI-Enabled Care, healthcare providers, administrators, patients, and others need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and judgment to address the following:

  • How deeply do I need to understand any specific technical AI concepts in order to work with it responsibly to provide care?
  • How can I put AI to its best use, capitalizing on the unique capabilities of both humans and AI so that we each augment the ability of the other to contribute to care?
  • How do I recognize when AI fails?
  • What safeguards exist or need to be built to protect healthcare providers and our patients when AI does fail?

While it may be easy to suggest that this needs to happen, it has proven harder for the healthcare community to determine what those competencies might look like and how to achieve them.

To help transform the skillset of practicing clinicians and healthcare leaders, the project team created two certificate programs.

toolset iconEquipped with the fundamentals, the engaged healthcare community needs to nurture the next layer of expertise, going beyond ‘AI literacy’ to engage those who are positioned to be leaders in developing, implementing, and governing AI in the clinical environment. AI-Enabled Care will rely on networks of diverse AI-minded people equipped and empowered with the necessary toolsets to continue to evolve and adapt in the emerging AI-enabled world.

  • How do organizations support change management related to changing scopes of practice and clinical interventions based on AI?
  • What systems of data governance and utilization will healthcare institutions engage to optimize AI as high quality decision support?
  • How do we equip leaders and people managers to support teams in AI-enabled health systems?

To help transform the toolset of healthcare teams, the project team created a Healthcare AI Innovation Hub to support high-impact projects.

Accelerating the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre . Le projet est financé par le Centre des Compétences futures du gouvernement du Canada.FutureSkills-VI-Michener Logos