Certificate Programs


To help transform the skillset and toolset of the healthcare community, the project team is creating three certificate programs for clinicians, leaders, and healthcare teams.

AI for Clinician Champions Certificate Program

To help transform the skillset of practicing clinicians, this six (6)-week program provides a working knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and foundational skills for implementing AI into practice. At the end of the program, clinicians will complete a capstone project on an opportunity for AI within their team or organization.

Through this certificate program, clinicians will:

  • Discover how AI has evolved, the different types of AI, and use cases for clinical and business contexts
  • Learn about best practices, permissions, and ethical considerations of data sources for different AI use cases
  • Discuss the ethical implications of trade-off decisions and how to manage risks associated with them
  • Apply best practices to assess the accuracy of AI outputs to make clinical decisions and to communicate with patients
  • Practice creating problem definition statements, mapping AI to clinical processes, and outlining data and decision considerations
  • Explore change management strategies and the organizational processes you can use to facilitate change
  • Create a report for an AI opportunity in your workplace to share with relevant stakeholders

For more details about this program and to apply, visit the AI for Clinician Champions program page or email the project team at acceleratingai@michener.ca.

AI for Healthcare Leaders Certificate Program

To help transform the skillset of leaders who manage clinicians, this three (3)-week program covers the strategic implications surrounding planning for and implementing AI as well as, how to determine organizational readiness. At the end of the program, leaders will complete a capstone project on an opportunity for AI within their team or organization.

More information is coming soon! Applications will open Fall 2021.

Healthcare AI Incubator

To help transform the toolset of healthcare teams, this six (6)-month program provides assistance with AI projects through mentoring time from relevant experts and free access to select educational resources. At the end of the program, teams will pitch a minimum viable product or prototype to a panel of experts for feedback.

More information is coming soon! Applications will open in 2022.

Related Programs

Other Michener Programs

  • Special Topics in the Digital Revolution: The Road to Artificial Intelligence in Health Care 101
    Through this six (6)-week access course, anyone who is interested will learn about artificial intelligence in the Canada context, its effects on privacy and ethics in professional practices, and its impacts on educational and workplace environments.
  • Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Course
    This 12-week online course provides an introduction to the discipline of artificial intelligence and will lay the groundwork for understanding AI. Starting with a brief history, it then discusses concepts and models required for learning how to apply AI with specific references to the healthcare environment.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Certificate Program
    Through this 15-month program, certified/regulated health care providers, IT professionals, and health care informatics professionals will acquire data science and analytic skills, learn how to implement AI solutions, and participate in creating an AI solution.
  • Digital Health and Data Analytics Advanced Diploma
    Through this two (2)-year program with practicums, professionals with a bachelor’s degree will develop a deep understanding of the key concepts, issues and challenges in digital health and data analytics, along with the ever-changing capabilities of AI and machine learning and the role they play in patient-driven healthcare and personalized medicine.

Master’s Programs Supported by Vector

  • AI Master’s: Building Ontario’s Ecosystem
    The Vector Institute maintains a list of master’s programs that meet its industry-focused requirements for AI skills and competencies. Vector also provides a scholarship and career support for students enrolled in those programs.