Special Topics in the Digital Revolution: The Road to Artificial Intelligence in Health Care 101

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5 prerecorded online webinar videos | Each webinar is roughly 1 hour in length | From registration date you have 6 weeks to view the webinar series


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Dr. Brian Hodges, Dr. David Wiljer, Wanda Peteanu, Maria Tassone and Mandy Lowe

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the scope of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence in the Canadian context
  • Discuss the effects of digital and technological advancement in practice on privacy, ethics and professionalism
  • Explore perspectives on teaching, learning and communication in the digital age

Course Objectives

  • Understand the key domains and capabilities of artificial intelligence in health care
  • Understand current AI medical implications, their advantages and limitations for patients, clinicians and educators
  • Understand the risks and barriers of AI adoption in the clinical environment
  • Recognize the critical role Canada plays in the global AI landscape
  • Explore the changing role and position of data and AI in the health ecosystem
  • Identify strategies to learn and adapt to care in a data and AI world
  • Examine new paradigms of using data to improve practice and the health system
  • Describe the context and rationale for interprofessional education (IPE) in health care and education settings
  • Consider impacts and implications of advancing technology on IPE and Interprofessional care (IPC), now and in the future
  • Understand critical competencies to enable and elevate team-based learning and care in the digital world

Intended For

All those interested in learning how Artificial Intelligence is playing a role in Health Care in Canada.

Topics Covered

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Health Care: Opportunities, Challenges and Implementation
  • Digital Caring in AI
  • The Future of Interprofessional Education and Care in the Digital Age
  • The Impact of AI on Communication and Compassion
  • A new question in health care, What are humans for?
  • Cognition and meta-cognitions with AI
  • Machine-human interaction- communication, tech rage and machine failure
  • Compassion- The digital machine and the analogue human

AINT110 – Special Topics in the Digital Revolution: The Road to Artificial Intelligence in Health Care 101


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