Welcome to the Continuing Education frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. Search here for any questions that you might have. If you have any questions that are not listed please contact us at ce@michener.ca and we will include it in our list.

General FAQs

1. I registered for a course. Why haven’t I received a receipt?

Answer: Confirmation of registration and payment through PayPal is emailed to you. However, if you require a more detailed receipt please email ce@michener.ca.

2. I need to withdraw or transfer from a Continuing Education course what do I do? When will I get my money back?

Answer: Please note that different course and workshops have different policies for withdrawal and transfer. Please refer to our policies in the Forms and Policies section of our website.

3. Am I eligible to take Continuing Education courses if I am not a practising health care professional?

Answer: Not all Continuing Education courses require that you are a practising health care professional.Each course has different requirements. Please check our All CE Courses page for specific program links.

4. How do I know when the next course offering is?

Answer: Generally, course offerings follow the same calendar year pattern starting in September. Our course schedules are updated in March for the upcoming academic year.

5. If I take a Continuing Education course, will I be certified in that field?

Answer: Not in all circumstances, please check our All CE Courses page for specific program links.

6. English Language Assessment & Credentials:

Answer:  To ensure that  students are able to complete courses successfully, we have specific language requirements. Please visit International Admission Procedures & Requirements for more information about English Language Assessment & Credentials.

7. I am an international medical graduate. What course is best for me?

Answer: Unfortunately,career counseling services are not available  to  Continuing Education students. However, you may wish to visit the Ministry of Health website for areas of interest.

8. How long does a continuing enrollment course typically take? And, can I complete it in my own time?

Answer: You have up to a year from enrollment to complete a continuous enrollment course. The time required to complete the course varies with the learner.

9. How do I access LRC journals as a CE student? 

Answer: Unfortunately CE students do not presently have access to the LRC’s online journal databases. We are currently working on developing a user agreement with the LRC and will let students know as soon as the situation changes.

10. Do you offer placements?

Answer: With the exception of the Imaging Informatics Certificate Program, there are no clinical placements offered for Continuing Education programs.

11. Does the IC800 course certify me in Infection Control?

Answer: Infection Control and Epidemiology course provides a foundation to help you prepare for the CBIC exam, but the Michener course is not a certification. For more information Please Infection Prevention and Control Canada website.

12. Applying for Allied Health funding, very specific information is required and in a timely manner. When should I submit my request?

Answer: A letter will be produced with the required details, but it will take 2-3 days to complete (excluding weekends), best to submit request as soon as course is completed.  


1. Student does not have /lost BLS HCP card ( issued within previous 12 months) can they still attend ACLS /PALS course?

Answer: Yes, Heart & Stroke criteria for taking ACLS/PALS state that you must have successfully completed a BLS for Health Care Provider (C) course in accordance with current guidelines, be actively using BLS skills on a regular basis and demonstrate competence in performing CPR. Hence we require demonstration of competence for successful completion of the course. If you do not have a current card you will be asked to demonstrate  BLS skills at the start of the course.

2. Can I attend a recertification course if my card is past the 2 year expiry ?

Answer: No, as per Heart and Stroke Guidelines- Advanced Life Support Courses/cards are valid for 2 years. If your card is past the 2 year expiry you must attend the full 2 day provider course.

3. Why is the course fee for ACLS/PALS course offered at a hospital higher than a course held at Michener?

Answer: The slight fee difference reflects our additional costs to bring the course to a hospital site.

4. Do you offer ACLS/PALS Instructor courses?

Answer: Yes, we offer ACLS/PALS Instructors courses approximately once a year or as we need instructors to support our own courses. Please visit Continuing Education for upcoming dates and information.

5. How do I inquire about a customized course at my hospital?

Answer: We provide customized course offerings at off site locations. Please email ce@michener.ca for more information.

6. Does Michener supply the required manuals for ACLS/PALS/BLS/NRP/PEARS courses?

Answer: No , the manual is not included in the course fee. Please see the course information for required text information and where it can be purchased.

7. Are ACLS/PALS courses well suited for new HCP graduates?

Answer: No, all Advanced Life Support courses are not well suited for new graduates of any health care program.

8. Are ECG interpretation skills required for ACLS and PALS courses?

Answer: Yes, you must be proficient at interpreting ECG’s , this skill will not be taught at the course.

9. Must I attend the entire course ( ACLS or PALS) ?

Answer: Yes, you must attend the entire course (all didactic sessions, skills stations , mega code scenarios and testing session).

10. Is success guaranteed if I attend ACLS or PALS course?

Answer: No, success is not guaranteed by attendance. If you are not successful at the course you will have to register for another date and pay the associated fee. Unsuccessful participants will not receive a refund of course fees.

11. How do I receive an official receipt for my payment?

Answer: Please email ce@michener.ca to request a receipt.

12. Will I receive a certificate for successful completion of ACLS/PALS/BLS course?

Answer: No, you will receive a completion letter at the end of the course and a HSF card will be placed/uploaded to the online HSF account you have created.

13. How do I withdraw from ACLS/PALS/NRP/PEARS/BLS course?

Answer: Please submit the withdrawal form up to 14 days prior to the start date of your course. Please note there is a $75 fee to withdraw.

14. How do I transfer to another course date?

Answer: Please submit the Transfer Request Form . Please note there is a $75 fee to transfer to another date. Transfer requests may be made up to 4 days prior to the  start of the course.

15. How to replace a lost ACLS/PALS card?

Answer: Please contact Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

Diabetes Educator-FAQs

What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a condition in which the body either cannot produce insulin or cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. If it is left untreated or improperly managed, the high levels of blood sugar associated with diabetes can slowly damage both the small and large blood vessels in the body, resulting in a variety of complications.

What does a Diabetes Educator do?
Diabetes Educators partner with patients and their families to teach diabetes self-management and help patients gain control of their disease.

Why become a Diabetes Educator?
An aging population combined with the rapidly escalating incidence of diabetes is increasing the global demand for Diabetes Educators. Since the 1920s, education has been recognized as key to the management of diabetes. Health professionals working in diabetes education are experts not only in the disease state, but also in teaching and behaviour change. The role of the Diabetes Educator has grown from being an “expert” giving out information, to one of “facilitator”, helping people with diabetes to manage the disease themselves.

Will completing this program make me a Certified Diabetes Educator?
While this certificate program will equip you with the skills and knowledge to work as a diabetes educator, graduating from this program does not make you a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). To become certified in Canada, you must pass an exam administered by the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board (CDECB).

For more information on taking the CDE Exam, please visit the CDECB website.

Will this course prepare me to write the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Exam?
Michener’s Diabetes Educator Certificate Program reflects the competencies as described in the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board (CDECB) Handbook and as such will help educators prepare to write the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) Exam with the CDECB.

For more information on taking the CDE Exam, please visit the CDECB website.

Can I complete this course while working full time?
Yes. We estimate that you will need to dedicate 3-4 hours a week to study and assignments. You are also required to participate in a two day workshop at the end of the course, running Saturday and Sunday. You will have the opportunity to choose from several workshop dates.

How much professional experience do I need to be eligible for the program?
We expect applicants to have worked in professional patient care for a minimum of two years out of the last five years.

I have been a caregiver for a relative with diabetes. Does this count as patient care experience?
No. The Diabetes Educator Certificate is designed for working health professionals with a degree or diploma in a regulated health profession, who routinely interact with patients to provide treatment, counseling and education about disease processes and healthcare issues.

I have not worked in patient care for several years. Can I still apply?
If you have not worked in professional patient care within the last five years, you are not eligible to apply for the program.

My professional college does not issue registration cards anymore. How can I provide proof of my professional registration?
If your professional college does not issue registration cards, please print your registration details from the college’s website and submit with your application.

For example, if you are registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario, use their ‘Find a Nurse’ function to look yourself up and print the details provided there.

My degree and/or my professional registration were obtained in a country other than Canada. Is this acceptable?

Your qualifications and professional registration or license to practice do not need to be Canadian. We welcome students with international experience in the Diabetes Educator Certificate Program, and regulated health professionals living outside Canada are welcome to apply. Please visit the international admissions page for more information.

If you live inside Canada you must be registered and licensed with a regulatory body in Canada in order to be eligible for the program.

How will I find out whether I have been accepted into the program?
You will be notified via email. If you have not received a response to your application within a reasonable period of time, please check your junk mail to ensure that a response from Michener has not been filtered as spam.

Please note, we consider it the applicant’s responsibility to follow up on their application. If Michener issues you an offer of admission or a request for further information, and you do not respond before the registration deadline, you risk losing your place in the program.

If you believe your application has not been received or assessed please contact Michener before the course start date. If we do not hear from you before the course commences, we cannot offer you a place.

Is there a difference between the “application” deadline and the “registration” deadline?
Yes. The application deadline is the date and time by which applications for admission to the Diabetes Educator Certificate Program must be received by  Michener’s Registrar’s Office.

The registration deadline is the date and time by which successful applicants must officially enroll in the program and pay the relevant course fees. You will be advised of the registration deadline in your offer of admission.

The application deadline has passed. Can I still apply?
No. Applications that are received after the application deadline will not be assessed.

Can I transfer to a later session of the program?
If you are registered for the Diabetes Educator Certificate and would like to transfer to the next session of the program, you may do so before the course start date. Transfers are not permitted after the course has commenced.

For further details on course transfers, please visit Continuing Education Transfers page.

What if I want to withdraw from the program?
If you are registered in the program and decide to withdraw before the course start date, a refund will be issued minus $75. No refund will be issued should you choose to withdraw after the program has commenced.

For further details on withdrawing from the program, please visit Continuing Education Withdrawals page.

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