Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Michener Institute: The leader in Applied Health Science Education through excellence and innovation.

Mission Statement

The Michener Institute is dedicated to the education of preeminent applied health science practitioners capable of providing transformational leadership, performance, and evidence based best practice.

This mission will be achieved in a cost effective manner. Good stewardship of resources will be demonstrated. Resources necessary to achieve our desired results will be fully pursued.


We Embody Excellence

  • We commit to best practice
  • We learn from successes and failures
  • We give our best

We Lead by Example

  • We empower each other
  • We are mentors and learners
  • We model open and honest communication
  • We engage our communities
  • We are diverse

We Transform Lives

  • We commit to each other’s success
  • We make a difference
  • When you grow, we grow

We Celebrate Relationships

  • Our people are our greatest asset
  • Our relationships make us strong
  • We are proud of each other

We Create Opportunities

  • We enable success
  • We challenge the status quo
  • We invest in innovation and risk-taking
  • We foster personal and professional learning and growth