Criteria to becoming a clinical site

General Commitments from the Clinical Site

  • Signing of an affiliation agreement – at the senior administrative level
  • Achievement of clinical objectives/competencies as set out by the program
  • Appointment of clinical personnel – clinical coordinator and educator(s)
  • Ongoing student supervision and evaluation (time commitment)
  • Confidentiality of student personal and academic information
  • Provision of a safe environment
  • Participation in program accreditation (where applicable)
  • Access to patients, clients, specimens or equipment as required
  • Commitment to support attendance at Michener meetings, as required
  • Familiarity with competency profile for the profession, national and provincial
    requirements (where applicable)
  • Commitment for clinical education at all levels
  • Initial site visit (or teleconference meeting) by Michener personnel

Discipline-specific Requirements

  • Names, roles and professional certification/registration designation of personnel involved in
    supervising and evaluating students
  • List of program components (clinical) provided at the site
  • Maximum number of students for student placement/rotation
  • Major equipment available for student education
  • Annual volume and variety of cases