Become a Clinical Partner

Become a clinical partner
Clinical education provides students with an opportunity to learn from the best in health care, and gives clinical sites the opportunity to assess and recruit the best and brightest from each graduating class.

Numbers don’t lie. Take a look and see how to become a clinical partner by participating in clinical education with The Michener Institute can benefit you.

98% of Michener students met or exceeded their clinical site’s expectation to work effectively in teams.

99% met or exceeded their clinical site’s expectation to communicate effectively. 88% met or exceeded their clinical site’s expectation to use reflective practice for personal and professional development.

100% of employers would hire another Michener graduate.

99% of Michener graduates are employed within a year of graduation. 63% are hired at their clinical placement.

100% of Michener students practice and are assessed in a simulated clinical environment prior to entering their clinical year.

91.4% of Michener students have post-secondary education and 70.4% have completed a degree prior to beginning studies at Michener.

What Programs offer an opportunity to Become a Clinical Partner?

Working with Michener, you gain access to an unparalleled caliber of students who can ramp up fast and contribute to your organization.  The wide variety of health sciences programs Michener offers its students will be especially helpful for clinical sites looking for students with diverse skills. Some programs that Michener offer includes:

For more information on how to become a clinical partner with one of Michener’s affiliated clinical sites, please fill out the form below.

You can also contact:

The Office for Clinical Education
The Michener Institute
222 St. Patrick Street
Toronto ON M4T 1V4
p. 416.596.3126
f. 416.596.3162