Why Become a Clinical Site

Our clinical partners told us why they are engaged in clinical education.
Here’s what they said:

  1. Need to educate the future health care professionals
  2. Supports the profession
  3. Investing in professional future

  1. Source of employees
  2. Motivating, fresh faces
  3. Enhances representation for hospital
  4. Patients benefit (enjoy interaction with students)
  5. Consistent standards
  6. Creates connection and networking opportunities between different institutes
  7. Students bring new information to clinical sites

  1. Satisfaction in seeing results, when teaching
  2. Keeps staff current
  3. Interprofessionalism, cross appointment to educational institution
  4. Pride in Mentorship
  5. Students are a source of inspiration to staff
  6. Enhances staff profile
  7. Two way relationship with students (mutual learning)
  8. Satisfaction/connection to student progress/success
  9. Opportunity for technologists to grow/enhance their skills
  10. Professional Development offered by Michener

  1. Teaching is a priority
  2. Important to contribute to educating technologists/clinicians

  1. Gives student a chance to see if they fit in the environment
  2. Giving back to the Michener
  3. Students are exposured to interdisciplinary teams
  4. Relationships with other hospitals/networks
  5. Accreditation of Michener’s programs/respect in field