Michener Culture

P&C Team - From left: Munaza Rehman, Teni Araba, Diana Do[People & Culture Team – From left: Munaza Rehman, Teni Araba, Diana Do]

People & Culture Team

Our People and Culture Team is dedicated to delivering the best customer service to both internal and external stakeholders. Our team is always available to help you with whatever your needs may be.

People and Culture contributes expertise in organizational development, employee relation, talent acquisition, diversity and mediation services, OH and Union relations. Our team will ensure you have the smoothest on-boarding experience at Michener.

Michener’s Diversity, Inclusion, Values & Equity Committee (DIVE)

The DIVE Committee strives to create a safe, inclusive, accessible and welcoming space at Michener. Our goal is to support and empower people to bring their full selves to the workplace every day. We welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnic group, socioeconomic status, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, language, religion or age.

Leadership & Governance

Meet the executive team at Michener and learn more about our Board of Governors. We also encourage you to view our organizational chart to see Michener’s team structure.

Preparing for your virtual Interview

Your virtual interview using Microsoft Teams:

  • Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams to ensure you can join the interview on time and without disruption
  • Double check your Internet connection
  • Dress the part, just because it’s online doesn’t mean we won’t see you
  • Check your mic/audio before the meeting
  • Do a test run
  • Find a quiet place to do your interview with good lighting

Answering questions:

  • Pace yourself
  • Try to remember the main point of the question and not to go off topic
  • Ask for the question to be repeated
  • Make notes on a note pad in front of you (don’t use your computer or phone, it’s distracting)
  • Ask us questions